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This chapter has violence/torture. Also mentions of a rotting corps. So if you can't handle that you may want to look away.
Ken began to panic when he realized Yuki was not with him. Every muscle in his body was tense. They were in danger! He had to get to protect her! She was just a baby! Realizing that panicking was not going to help Ken forced himself to calm down. After a few deep breaths he slightly calmed and began to scan his surroundings. There was no light wherever he was. The only bit of light was from under a door. It was hard to tell.
Shifting Ken shivered. He wasn't wearing his winter coat, gloves or boots. It was all gone and the concrete floor didn't help one bit. Ken had began to shivering as the cold seeped into his bones. A moment later a nasty smell reached his senses. He nearly gaged at the foul smell but forced it down.
Once again he pulled at his binds. They wouldn't bunch and it was cutting into his skin. 
"AAAGGHH!!" Ken screamed in frustration. He needed to get out of here and find Yuki! He prayed that she was safe. Ken had no idea how much time passed before the door opened.
 A light was switched causing Ken to flinch and squint from the sudden brightness.
"Oh look brother. Our new toy is awake." One spoke. 

"Oh good! I missed having a live one. It's no fun when they stop moving."
 Ken felt a shiver go through him that wasn't from the cold.
Leo raced out of the back of the coffee shop. The door swung open and close with the force from Leo's urgency. He ignored the cold as he rushed to the bus stop. The bus nearly pulled away when Leo arrived. He made it with seconds to spare. Huffing Leo sat near the front. Leo altered between rubbing his thighs and biting his nails, as he tried to regain his breathing. The bus had one stop before Hakyeon's. What only took about ten minutes felt like a life time to Leo. Yuki was in the hands of that man. Leo nearly tripped over his own feet as he rushed off the bus. The house wasn't far. Maybe a five minute walk. Leo made it there in two.
"HAKYEON!!" Leo pounded on the door. He huffed as he struggled to catch his breath. A moment later the door was flung open.
"What the hell is going on Leo?" Hakyeon asked in a raspy voice. Leo looked around unsure of what to do. For a moment he couldn't focus on where he was. Leo ran his hands through his hair grabbing it and pulling. He couldn't go to the police. Yuki would be taken from him. He may never see her again. Worse she could be hurt right now. There was no telling what that man would do. She's probably scared and crying for him. He needed to get to her! Save her! Keep her safe or die trying! The things she was going through! His eyes widen in fear of what to do.
"LEO!" Hakyeon shouted. Only then did Leo realize he had been standing in place crying. Hakyeon pulled Leo into his arms and just let him cry. He needed to find out what was going on but he also needed Leo coherent. After some time Leo calmed down. Hakyeon led him over to the couch to sit down.
"Talk." Hakyeon spoke firmly. Leo explained everything to him. How his mother was a prostitute. How he grew up watching men hurt and abuse women. Both physically and sexually. The amount of times he looked after the kids while their moms "worked". How his mother helped hide the fact that Yuki was the daughter of the man running everything. He was a vial, violent, crazy man. He raised Yuki after her mom went "missing." A about two years later the man learned that Leo's mom helped hide the child. She had just enough time to get him and Yuki out of the house. Everything had to be left behind. However, the man pursued him. He would do anything to get Yuki back.
"I am so sorry Hyung." Leo stared at his hands. "I tried to keep you and the boys from this." He sniffed. "I really did. But seeing Yuki's smile and knowing she had somewhere safe to go." He faltered at that twisting his hands. "I tried to get myself to move on but I couldn't."
Hakyeon was silent as he took everything in. In many ways he was angry. Leo had put not only himself but his boys in danger now too. He wanted to be angry but found himself being calm instead.
"Alright. What now?" Hakyeon asked grasping Leo's hands in his.
Ken screamed in pain for what felt like the thousands try. The two men above him chuckled with glee. They had been torturing him for what felt like hours. There was no way to keep track of time. It could of been days for all he knew.
"He's so much more fun than that other one."
"Indeed. More vocal range too. Are you a singer?" He asked in sincere curiosity. Ken couldn't or wouldn't respond. Everything was becoming too much for him. Darkness crept around what little vision he had and he welcomed it.
"Boys!" A voice boomed causing Ken to involuntarily jerk.
"Hello Kangin-ssi!" They spoke and bowed in unison.
"Are we having fun?" He asked descending the stairs.
"This one is more fun that the last one." He indicated towards the rotting corps in the corner.
"Glad we could help each other out." Kangin nodded stepping forward. He let out whistle when he saw the state the boy was in.
"The boys got the wrong one." He spoke. "So you can play with him until I decide what to do with the other. No doubt it won't be long before he shows up for my daughter."
"Let us have him."
"Oh can we show the young girl what happens when you disobey the boss?" One asked getting excited. The "happy" look on the mans face turned to rage in a second.
"I will show you both a world darker than this if she so much as suspects what you two do."
"That could be fun."
"Not if your going to die a slow and painful death. How do you boys think I got to the top when I had no money?" His serious look shook the two brothers who only gave a slight nod.
"Good. Now why don't we give this one a small break. You can play with him later. There is a man who tried to cross me that needs to know his place."
"Oh more toys!"
"I'll bring the carving knife!"
Yuki woke up on a soft bed under some heavy cover. Upon opening her little eyes she knew right away this was not her room. Everything was a combination of white and pink. There was a dresser, toys, clothes. This must of been someone else room. Normally Yuki would of loved these things but she remembered. Ken Oppa was taken from her! She wanted her family! She wanted her Princes Ravi and Hongbin to save her! To have Hakyeon and Leo coddle her while Ken Appa made funny faces. She wanted to go home! Yuki's eyes went to the door as she heard the door knob turned. Whoever came in was trying to be very quiet. The stranger smiled when he noticed Yuki awake.
"There's daddy's little girl. Home safe and sound at least."
Yuki may be little but she knew this man was not her father.

I hope you enjoyed this update. Things are starting to get scary. What's going to happen to Ken and Yuki?! Stay tuned to find out. Hope everyone has a good day.// ^_^//

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