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"These 2 people really love each other so much, that whatever hurt one feels the other also suffers" EPISODE 12 (cr: jooni.com) At the crosswalk. ES pulls out of Tan’s hold. Tan throws away YD’s hand. ES says to Tan, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.” Tan replies, “I know it’s hard. I’m sorry. I can’t promise that it will be better from now on.” Tan reaches out his hand towards ES. “Still, let’s go. Holding hands.” YD: “Don’t hold his hand.” (PICTURE 1) ES puts her hand in his, and also brings her other hand up, cupping Tan’s, as if in a handshake. Tan realizes what she is doing at first and whispers, “Don’t do this,” but he gets louder and louder. ES tearfully responds, “We’ve come far already. Let’s not go any further.” Tan yells again, “Don’t do this,” but ES drops Tan’s hand. She leaves, saying let’s just see each other around. (PICTURE 1) Just the two of them, YD says to Tan, “You still make people leave.” YD leaves, and Tan is alone. YD catches up to ES, and blocks her way. ES is crying. YD peers into her face, and draws back after he sees her crying. He jokes, “People will think I kidnapped you.” ES asks, choking on tears, “What about Tan? Did he leave?” YD asks, “Are you two over? Why?” ES starts crying even hard. YD says he feelings like having a party today- why is she crying? He knows her first class is gym so why don’t they just ditch? ES crying, still manages to point out that YD placed 98th. ROFLMAO. ES walks away, weeping. YD says to himself, “You won’t get caught by me.” (PICTURE 1) Tan is on the roof thinking about ES and all the times they held hands. (PICTURE 2) Gym class. ES is just sitting on the floor. Tan stares at her. CY and BN walk in and notice. BN calls ES’s attention. BN runs over, surprised that ES left so early from her house without eating breakfast. ES thanks her for yesterday. CY asks Tan why he called. Tan is mad CY didn’t pick up. CY says I’m not your secretary. Tan says it just means it was an urgent matter. He asks if ES slept over at CY’s house, but CY doesn’t even know that ES stayed out last night. He looks over at ES. BN is asking ES for CY’s picture that she promised. Tan flashes back to asking ES before about her going over to YD’s hotel. He also remembers this morning YD pulling ES into a side hug. In the gym locker room, Tan asks YD if ES cried a lot this morning. YD remarks that Tan is asking him too candidly. Tan replies that it is just in case. He adds, “Don’t do anything. This isn’t your chance. This is my chance.” At the hangout, YD is searching for ES’s SNS account. He mutters after seeing so many results for “Cha Eun Sang,” “Why is there so many?” MS is putting up the pictures he took at the camp. In almost every picture of YD, he is looking at ES. MS asks YD: “Do you really like ES?” YD: “Does it seem so?” BN points out that everyone know ES has something going on with Tan, and YD played the largest part in making that so. MS asks why YD is finding first love in school when the world is so big and half of it is women. BN: “Oh my god, this is your first love?” YD looks at his pictures- “So I look at Cha Eun Sang with this look.” Through MS and BN’s little bickering, we learn that Tan was BN’s first love and she chased him around. KA follows Tan into his room, nagging about ES by asking if the two meet in school. She is scared that his dad will find out. Tan asks if KA is happy living in this house, her son not being able to say she is his mom. KA replies of course she isn’t, so Tan asks how can she want him and R to get married- he might never be able to introduce KA as his mom. KS replies that of it makes her sad but her reward is for things to go well for Tan. Tan sighs. KA chides, “Don’t put on that expression. Why do you act like you have no mother when you have two?” Tan smirks. “Mom no.1. Take off those socks. Those are mine.” KA is wearing ES’s socks that she left at Tan’s house in California. ES is looking for a place to live. She texts her mom to meet at 5pm, and to bring her clothes too. Tan is jogging. He takes a break next to HS. Tan has called HS out to talk. He confesses that he is not JS’s son. He has another mom. “I deceived you all this time. I’m sorry.” HS thinks Tan is lying so he asks, “So if this was to be real, why are you telling me now?” Tan replies he was testing to see if he gets nervous or not saying this. It does. Even just saying it to HS.” HS asks, “So this is real?” Tan: “Yep.” Tan goes to run another lap. (PICTURE 3) Won and Yoon in the office. Won makes and hands Yoon a drink, saying he would have liked to be asking Yoon about the list of people Dad has holding his stocks, but he doesn’t know what side Yoon is on. Yoon wonders if Won drugged his drink. Pfft! Won asks what Yoon got for letting Dad use his name. Yoon doesn’t reply, only makes a joke. Instead he says, “I think this is as much as I can help you personally. He shows the news report that will be going out about HJ, describing her as Jeguk’s charity projects who is working for Jeguk High. Won is mad because this news article puts it out in the world about HJ’s situation- that she is a charity case. Yoon notifies Won that this was his Dad’s plan. Won rushes home. He enters Dad’s room. HJ is there. Dad had called HJ to hear something from her. Won tries to stop Dad, but he keeps talking. Dad says Won is being pulled around by a girl- “Don’t let a girl pull you around.” He scolds HJ for seeing his son when he has fed and schooled her. “Right now if you can’t see each other, you will long for each other and feel pain…” Won yells at him to stop- “Why are you saying my confession instead? I haven’t been able to confess to her like that yet.” (PICTURE 4) HJ says she will think over what Dad says. She leaves. Won says to Dad, “I never disobeyed you. I worked hard to get to this position faster than anyone else…” Dad interrupts him- Won didn’t earn that spot, he got that spot because of him, because he is ill. Now Won is saying don’t act like a dad? How does that work? Dad tells him to clear things up fast. Won replies, “Yes, it seems I need to.” HJ leaves the house crying. Tan runs into her on his way back home. He asks if she is okay. HJ says realizes who Tan is- “You must be Tan.” Tan asks, “Do you know me?” HJ replies, “We’ll be seeing each other soon.” Before HJ can leave, Tan asks if he should help her get cab. HJ just asks him to hold back his brother, and leaves. Won comes out. Tan tells him that woman went that way- “She said for me to hold you back.” Won replies he didn’t plan on following her. He tries to get into car, but Tan stops him, saying he looks awful. Won tells him that Dad put a tail on him. Tan should watch out too. Don’t do anything to get onto Dad’s bad side. Won drives off. Tan walks to bus stop and sits next to HJ. He tells her that Won is not coming. HJ says she is not waiting. Tan asks who she is; is she Won’s girlfriend? How does she know him? Did Won talk about him? HJ says yes. Won said that his little brother is warm, honest, tall, and his eyes are exactly like his. She looks at Tan- “I see that it is true.” (PICTURE 4) ES’s mom texts ES that she is on her way. She tells KA that she will only work for the next few days; KA should start looking for someone else. KA looks like she doesn’t really want ES’s mom to quit. ES’s mom is about to leave to go see ES, but KA gets scared that she is leaving the house today. She looks relieved to find out that ES’s mom is not leaving the house today. Mom sits in front of convenience store, waiting for ES. YD sits at another table nearby, calling ES. He called to ask her to eat noodles, but ES just hangs up on him. ES arrives near the store, but she hides before YD can see her. YD calls ES again, and this time she says she will meet him. She calls him over to another intersection. YD leaves with a smile on his face. In front of the convenience store, ES and mom talk about finding a house. Mom hands her the bag with ES’s clothes. ES tells her mom that she is sleeping at a school friend’s house who has a pretty face and heart. Aww! ES rushes to go meet YD at the intersection. YD notices the shopping bag ES is carrying- it is the same one that woman (ES’s mom) had with her in front of the convenience store. Suspecting something, YD asks ES to wait; he will be back in 15 minutes. ES says she is not waiting. He asks her to wait. YD rides off. YD is waiting in front of Tan’s house. He sees that woman he saw before (ES’s mom) walking up to the house. He says hi, and asks if ES is home, like he knew she was ES’s mom. Mom just nods yes and no to his questions until YD asks when ES is coming home. Mom uses her cellphone to text to him that ES is working now. Omg, why is Woo Bin’s voice so gentle and soft here? Tan is on his way home from the bus stop. He runs into YD. He asks what YD is coming from that direction, the direction of where his house is. He is not going to let YD go right now if he came from Tan’s house. YD says he is just on his way to see someone who makes his heart beat faster. He leaves. Tan gets text from Won. He, Tan, YD and YD’s dad are playing golf tomorrow. Tan gives a deeeeeeeep sigh. YD comes back to where ES was supposed to wait. No ES. Elsewhere, ES looks into her bag. Her mom packed the California shirt. Mom texts ES- a guy showed up at the house in a motorcycle, looking for her. ES rushes back to YD. He says to himself as she is running towards him, “Number six – a maid’s daughter. Mute.” YD asks why ES came back. ES replies it is for the same reason YD waited. YD says probably not- waiting is just his habit. ES just goes straight to the point- YD knows everything about ES’s mom. YD complains that ES already found out that he found out- darn those cellphones. ES says, “If you want to tell the other kids, go head. If you want to bother me, go ahead. But promise to not come back until Mom and I leave. That place is also where my mom works.” YD points out that he didn’t say anything- “Let’s go eat noodles if you are done talking.” ES is scared, though, and wants to know what YD will do now so she can at least be prepared. YD yells, “What can I do?” (PICTURE 5) YD: “I can’t do anything about my own hurt; what can I do about yours?! I was just lonely because you left, happy that you came back, and your secret is heavy to me. Did I say I was going to do anything?” ES replies that she has seen him do something many times- “To me too.” YD yells again, frustrated and hurt, “That is why I can’t do anything to you right now. All I can ask is to eat noodles together.” He adds, “I can’t play with you today. Let’s eat noodles next time.” YD leaves. Next day, golf. Daddy Choi informs him that Zeus and Jeguk will need to do business together in the future so don’t leave Tan as an enemy, but put him underneath him. Daddy Choi is going to let Won win today, but YD should beat Tan. Separately, Won warns Tan that Jeguk needs Zeus, but they don’t know that; so Tan should not go easy on them today. YD and Tan walk behind, talking. YD tells Tan to talk more to Won so it doesn’t seem like they are not full brothers. Tan tells YD to not to talk to him, but YD keeps jabbing about Tan’s parentage. Both warn each other that they are holding golf clubs. YD informs Tan he is holding something else- will people find it more surprising that Tan is a bastard or that ES is the daughter of a maid in Tan’s house. “Probably that a bastard like Tan is dating his maid’s daughter.” Tan’s reply is, “You find out. Do we look good together?” When YD points out that Tan’s voice is shaking, Tan grabs YD’s collar. He warns YD to not threaten ES with something like that. YD says he is threatening Tan, not ES. YD tells him to not protect ES thoughtlessly; if Tan does, YD has no choice but to reveal ES’s secret. YD says he will protect ES and the secret, if Tan doesn’t protect ES. Tan tells YD to listen good. If he wants to beat YD, he has to go back to the way he was before, but he doesn’t want to, because now he “thinks.” He warns YD that if he goes back to the way he was before, YD will die. “Because you will be the only person I beat.” Tan threatens to tear apart YD’s dad and everyone around him. YD dares him- Tan is only a bastard. In response, Tan reminds YD of what YD said in the past- that if a child was born between YD’s dad and the woman they saw, it would be a bastard just like Tan. Tan changes it around this time, though, that child would be like YD. Ouch! (Another interpretation- it could be that Tan is simply repeating what YD said without adding that layered meaning, but the look on YD’s face makes me thing my first interpretation might be closer. Plus, remember what YD said to his dad before, asking if his mom was just like all those other women coming to his office. But then, Tan’s next line makes me think that Tan was just repeating what YD said in the past, without that layered meaning…) Tan warns YD- that even if Tan is a bastard, he is still Jeguk Group’s second son. YD won’t be safe if Tan decides to rides his dad’s back. In response, YD brings back the past too- 3 years ago, Tan saying to YD, “You’re going to regret this moment for the rest of your life.” YD says to Tan, “You should have come to me soon. Before I lost my mom.” Tan explains that he was angry, and it was only for five minutes that Tan punished YD. (We seen little Tan running back to YD, and the two rush over to the ddukbokki place. YD’s mom has left already.) “Do you remember the two forks left on the table? To beat just me, you lost out on your last meal with your mom. “ Tan continues, “I don’t care what you do to me, but not Cha Eun Sang. Don’t touch her. And please let us just be two people who are just another person to each other. I don’t have time to fight you right now. I’m preparing for a bigger fight.” (PICTURE 6) In school, Tan passes by ES without looking at her or talking to her, as if he didn’t notice her at all. At the broadcasting room, other students have prepared a cake and gifts for HS. He won in an Asian youth short film festival. BN whispers in ES’s ear- I think YD likes you. She warns ES to keep this a secret. HS comes in and since the girls are silent, he thinks they were talking about him. Tan comes in. ES avoids looking at him, and Tan never looks at her. He asks what kind of film HS directed- was it horror, something like “Friday the 13th”? ES’s eyes open wider at hearing that. HS says he likes crime dramas, probably ES likes horror movies. ES says yes- she even likes splatter films. She jokes that her dream is to make horror films filled with hope and dreams. HS points out that ES and Tan aren’t even looking at each other, and BN thinks they are doing this because of her. Aw, my cute, clueless BN. Tan says he should leave now since he’s been found out. Before Tan leaves, HS asks why he came. Tan answers, “Because I just wanted to see.” Tan leaves. HS asks, “Who? Me?” BN: “He’s talking about me.:” Pfft!!!!! (PICTURE 7) Tan goes to JS and apologizes for ruining the meal between R’s family and theirs. So he has come to ask JS a favor- he wants to invite R and E to the house. Can JS make the arrangement? JS is about to say she is sorry but she thinks back to what she said about showing KA her place. JS sees the opportunity in this and agrees. R is at an event E is throwing for her company. R is worried that they will be late going to Tan’s house, but she plays the part of a good daughter. E sees YS’s mom. She informs R that YS’s family doesn’t sell water, but liquor, as a room salon Madam. YS’s mom talking to KA about what happened with ES’s mom, Tan and ES. YS’s mom says ES’s mom can’t leave because she knows too much. ES’s mom notifies KA that JS is coming to the house with R’s mom. KA is surprised. KA is mad that JS is bringing R’s mom here of all places. Both fight, jabbing each other KA being a mistress, and not really being the lady of this house. JS informs KA that Tan knew about this meeting. Tan is the one who suggested it. Tan is waiting for ES in front of the café. Tan walks over to her as ES can’t stop staring. She asks, “Do you see me know?” Tan asks if she is happy now that she left the house, that she doesn’t seem him, that she let go of his hand. ES doesn’t answer. Tan says it was nice to see her in his dreams. ES is about to leave, saying she is late for work, but Tan surprises her with a peck on the lips. Tan: “Am I someone who will leave because you told me too? You didn’t even call or text after you left me at the dangerous crosswalk, but telling me to go comes out easy from you. ” He teases her, “You wanted to see me too.” ES blinks furiously as she lies- no, she didn’t want to see him, but Tan kisses her again. ES is about to yell at him, but Tan warns her, “Try lying again.” He informs her that he came to tell her to not come home today. KA might call her to come but don’t come. (PICTURE 8) The guests have arrived, but KA won’t let them come in, and JS is daring her to stay. KA cries and goes to her room, exiled as hidden mistress. KA cries in her room. ES’s mom brings her water. She tells KA about what is happening outside. Also that Tan hasn’t come back yet. R, E, JS, and Dad are having dinner. Formalities and small talk. Dad likes R as she acts the part of good future daughter-in-law. Tan walks in, apologizes for being late. Tan offers to show R his room. They go up. R stops before she goes in to his room; she remembers what YD said about him seeing something huge at Tan’s house, and she is giving Tan a chance to hide whatever he wants to hide. Tan replies that he has nothing he is hiding, and tells her not to be too shocked when he reveals. R asks what. Tan says, “My weakness.” R notices the dream catcher and asks why he bothered to carry such a cheap thing from the U.S. Tan apologizes to R. He is apologizing to her in advance. “You said you were curious to know what YD saw. I will show you now.” KA and JS talk in KA’s room. JS is saying it has been a long time since she saw KA like this; last time was eighteen years ago when JS caught KA. KA must not have known then 18 years ago that she would still be in this position now. KA tells JS to leave, but JS throws water in her face. (PICTURE 9) Tan walks in. JS tells him to leave. Not listening, Tan takes towel and dries off his mom’s face. KA asks why Tan came in, what if Dad looks for him. JS says, “I guess this is why people have children.” She leaves. Tan holds KA’s hand. “Don’t let go of my hand. Let’s go out.” Tan drags KA to the living room where R, E and everyone is. E recognizes KA as ES’s mom. Tan corrects her. “The person next to me…” KA tries to stop him. Tan: “is my mom. My birth mom. And I am Jeguk’s chairman Kim Nam Yoon’s second son and an illegitimate child. I know what my parentage and my confession means to everyone. That is why I am giving up on the engagement.” E and R are shocked. Dad calmly says he will contact her soon. E leaves, saying she will decide when to see him. JS chases after E and R. Dad hits Tan on the face. Twice. Hard. KA tries to say it is her fault, that she asked him to do this. Tan tells her to stop. KA tells him to plead. Tan won’t plead now. Only after he lives a bit. If he regrets this decision after he lives a bit, then he will plead. But he is confident that he won’t regret this.” Dad calls him stupid. Tan says, “You can chase me out if you want but not Mom. Mom is your woman so take responsibility.” Dad leaves. KA hits Tan with no strength, crying, “How can you do this?” In Tan’s room, KA is crying and crying. Tan pleads for her to stop crying; she will get sick. KA asks why he did this. This isn’t for her! She waited without breathing for three years living between dad and Won while Tan was in the US. Tan apologizes, saying he thinks differently from his mom. KA just keeps crying. (PICTURE 9) ES is at the café working. Her mind is off somewhere else, and she gets reprimanded by her boss for being so out of it. ES goes outside to throw out garbage. She sees Tan standing in front of the café with a dazed look and tears brimming in his eyes. She looks at him silently, feeling what he feels, as he struggles to breathe with the tears rising in his throat and his chest squeezing in pain. ES starts to cry, and tears fall on both ES and Tan’s cheeks, mirroring each other. (PICTURE 10)
I love minho, but this drma is really bored, I prefer secret ,
huhuhu...hw so sad and touching ep..