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59 year old Jorge Odon took a serendipitous bet with his friends that he couldn't remove a cork stuck in a wine bottle without breaking the glass. Then he started watching Youtube videos. Then he had a dream. Now he might be a millionaire "Odon reportedly got the idea from a YouTube video, which showed a person dislodging a cork from a wine bottle by rolling up a plastic bag, placing it in the bottle and inflating it, before pulling out the bag and cork in one swoop. The night Odon won the bet, he said had a dream that this concept could work on babies stuck in a birth canal, a condition which led to nerve damage in his aunt." This article is just weird. "An inserter with a small plastic bell is placed in the vagina, with the bell resting on the baby's head. When the doctor activates the device, two plastic sleeves shoot down from inside the inserter. The sleeves go over the bell and over the newborn's head, effectively separating it from the birth canal. A small amount of air is then pumped into a chamber, which causes the sleeves to inflate and firmly grasp the baby's entire head."
or whatever the thin gwith the ballon that they catheter up to your heart to remove blockages
did this become a thing?
still, apparently an innovation in the field
true same concept as stents
this is the same concept as a stent