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Cyprus to Guarantee Minimum Income
"The president said the level of the Guaranteed Minimum Income would be determined in an objective and scientific way by the Statistical services, with the International Labour Office playing a catalytic advisory role. At the same time, the new policy provides for the continuation of the unemployment allowance at the level and duration that applies today, in other words six months. “For the first time, however, with the introduction of the new system, our fellow citizens who continue to be unemployed will be able to continue to live with dignity, since they will be receiving the Guaranteed Minimum Income,” Anastasiades added. “The single but absolutely necessary precondition is that they don’t refuse to accept offers for employment and to participate in the policies of continuous employment that are determined by the state,” he said." Good idea? Bad Idea? Could it work in a large country? I'm interested to see how this plays out. Switzerland is considering a similar plan right now
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can they afford this
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