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The weekend had pass by in the blink of an eye. Even today went by quick with Kai non stop talking and what not. We were now in our home economics, the last class of today. "Okay students, when I call your names please come up and get the baby doll and the diaper bag plus the car seat and the baby carrier that you need." she said as she passed out papers that we needed and then went to the front of the table and started to call out names. 

One by one the other class mates went up and collected the baby and the other stuff. "EunJi and Kai" we were called. I slowly got up from the chair and walked in front of Kai. "Come on we don't have all day" Kai pushed me to go faster. In that short of minutes we were both standing in front of Mrs. Jung. She held out the baby for me to take. Kai had nudge me to take the baby. I looked at the doll and to Mrs. Jung and back to the doll. I sighed and carefully took the doll in my hands. Mrs. Jung smiled in satisfaction. She gave Kai all the stuff we needed before sitting back down at our table. 

The minute I had sat down and passed the baby doll to Kai. The doll started to cry. "She did it!" "He did it!" Kai and I both said in unison. "It hasn't even been ten minutes and you all ready have the baby crying. Hold on I'll restart the system of the baby." Mrs. Jung said as she went to the computer and clicked on the mouse to make the baby stop crying. Then went on to calling out the other students who didn't have a baby doll.

I took the sheets out and started working on them. "What should we name the baby?" I asked Kai. "Well it's a girl so lets pick out girly names. Hmm how about Apple?"

I gave him a strange face. "No pick something else."

"Anna, like how you say it in Frozen." 




"LuLu?" He said. I actually liked LuLu better. "Okay Lulu it is." I told him as he smiled and nod. I went to the next questions and answered them as he played with LuLu. The bell rang as I finished the last question. I packed up my stuff Kai put LuLu in her car seat.  I was about to take carry LuLu when Kai took it away from me. He grabbed my hand and led us both out of the school to the front where a Sehun was chasing Baekhyun away from Nana.

"Yah Hyung stay away from my sister!!" Sehun whined like the little kid he was. Nana came rushing over to me and smiled. "What's this?" Pointing to the baby car seat. "Our baby doll project for the next next two weeks." she made an oh face. 

"Guys I know this great cafe we should try." Xiumin Oppa said. We all agreed to go there for an afternoon snack. It was really close by the school and also close to my mom's bakery store too. We had put tables together for all of us to sit. The guys left Nana and I sitting at the table.

"He totally likes you." She said while watching the guys goof around in line. "Who?" Asking her just to make sure I was on the same page as her. "Kai of course. Who else would I be talking about. That boy didn't let your hand go on the way here. Do you like him?" she looked at me trying to read my face expressions. I looked towards Kai and chewed on my lip. "He's a nice guy but to much of a flirt for me right now, plus I just got over my bad break up from three months ago. What about you do you like Baekhyun Oppa?" asking her as I turned to face her. 

I saw her face turn into a crimson red as she smiled and looked down. "Omg!! You do!!!" I got excited as she covered her face and laughed. "I do but please don't tell him." she said to me. "Tell who what?" A voice said in front of us making us jump. It was Sehun with a chocolate bubble tea and Baekhyun with two coffee drinks. Kai had came around where I was sitting and sat down next to me. 

"I wasn't for sure what you wanted but I got you a strawberry and banana smoothie with a cinnamon roll." he said sitting the plate in front of us. "Thank you." I told him as he nod before we both engaged to the conversations with the others.

Before leaving the cafe, I had went to the bathroom, when I came back I grabbed my back pack as I was laughing at the guys being funny.


Somehow we were all gathered around a toy vending machine as the buys talked and tried to get a toy out of the machine. "Oh? Kai, EunJi were's your baby?" Xiumin Oppa pointed out. Kai and I looked at each other wide eye.

"LULU!!!!!!!" We both screamed.

"Wow, I feel sorry for their future kids. They are going to be the worst parents ever." Suho said as everyone laughed. "Hyung!!!" Kai whined. "What its true." Suho replied as Kai rolled his eyes.

"Whatever you say Hyung. You guys go on with out us. EunJi and I will head to her house after getting our daughter." he said as he took a hold of my hand for the second time today and ran back to the cafe where we last at.

"How can you be so stupid!!!!!" I yelled at him. "Me!!!! I thought you had the baby." He snapped at me. 

"No, want to know why I didn't have the baby, its because I was laughing at your stupid ass."

"My ass is not stupid. For your information, my ass is quite beautiful." he said as he was offended by my comment about him.

"I wasn't talking about your ass, stupid. I was talking about your stupidity." I told him as we made clear of the cafe. We fling the door open and ran around the cafe like we were chickens with our heads cut off. People were really confused as they watched us. When we got to the table that we all were sitting at. It still looked the same when we left it, There was Lulu in her car seat on the table. Kai got her first as I was a couple of feet away from him. He took her out of the seat and hugged her to his chest with a sigh of relief as I too sighed in relief.

With Lulu still up against his chest and the car seat in his hand he made his was around the table but only to be tripped by his foot getting caught on a chair that was sticking out. In what seemed in slow motion. Lulu flew out of Kai's arms and went straight into the air.

I screamed no as I started to run to see if I could catch Lulu as she fell. In which in my case, I successfully caught her and fell to the floor in the process of doing so. Kai quickly got up and rushed to me. I had sat up and he grabbed me by the head to see if there was anything hurt.  "EunJi are you okay?" asking me as I stood up and dust the dirt off me. Kai had helped since I had Lulu in my hands.

"I'm fine." telling him as he felt more relieved. 

"Come on lets get you home." he said grabbing my hand again.


The bus ride to my house was quiet and short. Kai had followed me off the bus when it came to the bus stop I got off at. When I had unlocked the front door. I took my shoes off and walked with my back pack on my shoulders. Kai had followed my movements as he kept Lulu in the car seat that was carried by his hand. "I'm home!!!" I called out to see who was here.

"In the kitchen baby" I heard my Ma voice and went to the kitchen. "Hi bab--" she said while turning around but to see Kai standing behind me. "Hello I'm EunJi mom. You can call me Mrs. YoungJi." she introduced herself to Kai. He bowed to my Ma. "Hello Mrs. YoungJi, I'm Jongin but you can call me Kai." he told her giving my Ma his winning smile. 

"Wow your so handsome" My Ma blurted out. "Ma!!!!" I whined. "What he is." as I whined again and Kai chuckled and thanked her. 

"We will be in my room Ma" I told her as I moved out of the kitchen. "Okay baby, Kai will you join us for dinner? My stepson will be staying at a friends house so there will be plenty of food around." Ma asked him as Kai couldn't turn down the offer of staying for dinner. He was a few steps behind me when he came in and looked around my room. 

"Your room matches your personality." he said coming to sit down on the bed. I was already sitting on my bed with the comforter over my legs. I started pulling out books from my book bag. "Thank you." I told him as he nod. 

He had set Lulu down on the bed as he got his books out to do homework along with me. It was so often when he asked me a question on the homework and I had showed him how to solve it. It wasn't until an hour or so when my Ma was knocking on the door to tell us it was dinner time. Before I could get off the bed. Kai had lend over licked my cheek and ran off as I sat there shocked and went after him. "Hey get back here!!" Chasing after him. He had ran into the dining room. 

I had followed in after him to see him introducing himself to Juro. "Hello Sir, I'm Jongin but you can call me Kai." he bowed and shook Juro hand.

"No formalities Kai, please call me Juro." Juro said as Kai nod. We all sat down at the table as my mom came in with the food. We had let the adults get their food first before he and I got our food. 

"So I noticed you had a baby doll with you when you came in the kitchen. I forgot to say something about it. So why do you have a baby doll?" My Ma asked us. "It's a school project for home economic, Ma. Kai and I are partners in the project for this week and the next two weeks." She made an oh face and went to making small talk between Kai and Juro. 

After dinner, Kai and I helped my mom do the dishes. When those were done we had settle down to watch tv for the next couple of hours until Kai mentioned that he should head home since it was already late. "Kai why don't you stay for the night, its very dangerous to out late at this time and I don't want you to get hurt. Not saying you can't take care of yourself. I just don't want it to happen. You can stay as long as you want. You can stay forever if you wanted too." I was palm facing myself as Kai stood there and thought because my Ma wasn't sure about going home so late.

"Um... okay Mrs. YoungJi. I'll stay the night." Kai said and that was it. That was how I had Mr. Playboy stay the night at my house.  

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