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~Kai P.O.V~

Ever had a pillow hit your head in the middle of the night, well that was exactly what was happening to me right now. "Would you wake up bonehead." a voice said with another hit in the face. I stirred in my sleep. "Waeee?" slurring my word as I peeked to see EunJi standing there with a pillow in her hand and Lulu in her other arm. "What did you have a nightmare that you need me to comfort you." I asked her. My voice was a little more raspy since I was woken up by a special guest. 

EunJi rolled her eyes and held out Lulu. "Your turn to take care of her." I had token Lulu out of her hand and notice that Lulu was crying for some reason. "And I don't need you to comfort me when I have a nightmare" she huffed and turned around to go back to her room. "Jeez, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." I said. I wasn't expecting to be heard until I felt a pillow hit me in the head again and then a door being slammed shut. 

For hours, I had devoted myself to no sleep and tending to a crying baby doll that was crying for no reason. I had tried changing the diaper, feeding, rocking and nothing was working. So I just went back to laying on the couch, placing Lulu on my chest with her laying flat on her stomach and the head laying down while singing to the doll, I could feel my eyes drop as the sounds of Lulu fake snores filled my ears with the sound.

I was pretty sure that it wasn't even an hour when the alarm on my phone went off. I groaned not wanting to get up. I turned it off so the sound wouldn't wake up Lulu and have her cry all over again. As I laid there for a couple more minutes, Juro had stepped out in his business suit. One looked at me and he smiled.

"Let me guess, rough night?" He asked. I nod as I sat up, making him chuckle. "I remember those days with Tae." 

"How did you make it through?" curious to what he had done back then. "Lot's of Caffeine and coffee my friend." laughing as he patted my shoulder and went into the kitchen. Setting Lulu on the couch, I stood up and stretched my muscles out only to have a couple of bones popping along too. Without thinking, I found my uniform ironed and folded neatly on the arm rest of the couch. I grabbed it and made my way to the bathroom. I could tell you I had the life shocked out of me when I opened the door and saw EunJi standing there with wet hair hanging over her shoulder and a towel wrapped around her body. Have the heavens blessed me today or what?

"OH MY GOD!!!!! What are you doing??? Get out!!!!" She cried as she was trying to cover herself more. I stood there wide eyes then a sheepish smirk grew on my face when reality hit me that I turned quickly to give her privacy. "Sorry, I should have knocked." I playfully said with embarrassment hidden between the lines. "Yeah you should have!! I can't believe you!!" She sarcastically yelled at me. "But you know you could have locked the door." turning again to look at her but to only have my devilish side getting the best of me. My eyes trailed up her legs and I stood there gawking at her with a playboy smirk painted on my lips.

"Don't look at me like that!!" she stood up to get up in my face. I couldn't help but amuse myself even more. "Look at you like what?" I asked stepping closer to her. Her face was in a panic expression and priceless. Taking a few more steps forward, she ended up trapped by the wall and me. "L-L-Like you wanna..." she stuttered her words. I leaned down to her ear as I placed my hand on the wall near her head. "Like I wanna fuck you?" I asked looking into her brown eyes. She fidget under me, playing with the end of the towel. She tried to avoid my yes as her face deepened to a crimson red. At this time I really wanted to laugh but I had to hold it in. "Don't worry Angel, we're not there yet. It's okay I can wait." Giving her a wink and removing myself way from her and stepping out of the bathroom, where I cam face to face with a smirking Mrs. YoungJi.

~EunJi P.O.V~

The morning scene had been playing through my head all day. It was every awkward when we left the house and even in class. We were currently in history class, I was looking outside the window trying my best not to blush as I thought about the morning scene again. I had sneaked a peek at Kai, who had his head down, facing me as he slept. I was feeling bad that I had woken him up in the middle of the night to take care of Lulu. I would have dealt with it but I was getting cranky, tired by the minute and if I hadn't given her to Kai we would have failed the project cause we would end up with a non working baby doll. And no I wouldn't do that to a real child. 

I didn't realize that I was staring at Kai. His caramel skin was so flawless as his hair was still in placed. I wanted to run my finger over his nose and cheekbones but I had restrain myself from doing so. I didn't notice that the bell rang for lunch when Kai had opened his eyes to see me gawking at him. I had jumped when his eyes opened. I turned my face and got up from my seat to rush out of the classroom. 

I was lucky when I got my food and sat at the table that Kai wasn't there. And once again I was reminded of what has happened this morning. I started hitting my head, hoping that would make me stop thinking about it but I just went to a crimson red and covered my eyes. 

"You okay?" a deep voice spoke out to me. I had looked up to see Chanyeol Oppa and Kyungsoo Oppa looking at me with concern. "Me?...Hehehe....I'm totally perfect." I tried to sound normal but I wasn't normal even for right now. 

"Stupid, stupid stupid" I said hitting myself again as I had thought of it again. More people set their trays down and looked at me. 

"Umm you okay?" Nana asked sitting next to me. I was about to nod my head when Kai sat down next to me.

"Totally fine." My voice squeaked and I hiccuped. "Nothing is wrong with me." Hiccuping again.

Some of them looked at me like they wanted to believe me and some just wanted to believe that I was just crazy.

"Yes because nothing in totally wrong with you." Kai said while looking the other way as he sratched the back of his neck.

"You know what!" Turning to face him but only for him to look at me and give me a smirk. Which turned what I was going to say into mush. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing could come out. Closing it again and tried to say something again but failed too as I was reminded of this morning. I could feel my cheeks feeling warm.

"Did something happen between you two? You two are acting awkward towards each other?" Suho asked concerned. "You two didn't have sexualrelations did you?"

"NO!!!" Kai and I both yelled at the sametime as I couldn't keep the blushing to a minimal.

"Really? Why is she blushing?" He asked Kai and I. Kai turned to me.
"Why do you keep blushing?"

"Because of you bone head! Your the one that walked into the bathroom while i was in it."

"I wasn't the one that left it unlocked."

"You could of at least knock."

"Why so offended? Is it because I saw you in a towel?"

"No!! Its the fact that you thought it was funny to pin me against the wall and..." I stopped in mid sentence as I looked at our audience watching our show, waiting to know what had happened.

Kai raised an eyebrow. "And?"

"And I'm not talking about this anymore." picking up the tray of my food and left the cafeteria.

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