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~Skipping a few days~

"EUNJI!!!!!" Kai called for the fifteenth time. I was in my room trying to do homework when all of a sudden he called for me. I thought I could ignore it but it was every five seconds that he was calling me. Throwing my text books and pencil on my bed. I swing my legs over the edge of thebed. Sliding off the bed, I walked to see what the bonehead needed.

"EUN---" he started to call for me but I interrupted him. "WHAT!!!!! WHAT DO YOU NEED BONEHEAD!!!" Walking towards his yelling which was coming from the bathroom. He was standing in the bathroom with the door opened. Standing in the doorway, I got a whiff of the stench he left in the bathroom. "OMG what did you eat... wait let me rephrase that. What did you kill in here?" asking as my hand covered my mouth and nose.

"To much morning caffeine." he scratched the back of his neck and gave me a smile. "Anyways, as TMI this is but I really have to say this, my poop is stuck in the toilet." I gave him a confuse look as he sighed, taking my arm and dragging me in the bathroom. "NOOOOO I don't want to die!!!!! I'm to pretty to die at this age. I have so much to live for to die this early" I struggled to get out of his grip. I was lucky to escape as he chased me around the house until he caught me again. I was thrown over his shoulder. Kicking and screaming at him that I didn't want to know what he had in the bathroom that would kill me at a young age.

When he set me down in front of the bathroom again and tried pushing me in as I had latch myself on the doorway. "I'm not going in, you can't make me."

"Come on get in there"

"That's what he said."

"Who knew you had a perverted mind" grunting as he kept trying to push me in the bathroom.

When he couldn't push anymore, he was went back to tugging on me. My fingers had failed me as they slipped, I ended up fully in the bathroom.

"Your not going to die. Jeez" Kai said as he was trying to catch his breathe. "I just need you to help me unstuck my poop from the toilet. He said. I took a few minutes of looking at him to see if he was playing another joke on me like the spider thing but when I slowly turned my head and looked in the toilet bowl, there it was. A long brown strip of poop that had latch itself on the side of the bowl. I looked up at Kai and back at the pop a couple more times.

"Soo do you have any ideas how to get it unstuck?" asking me, I thought for a minute.

"Did you try flushing it many times?"


"You could stick your hand in there to move it." I suggested.

"There's no way in hell, I'm sticking my hand in the toilet!!!"

"Why not it's your poop?"


"Come on"




"Fine." I pouted. Parts of me wanted him to do it so I could laugh and tease him. It would be karma after the spider trick he played on me. I crossed my arms over my chest. He and I ended up looking at the poop.

"We could call Suho Mama."

"And have him laughing at me, no thank you."

"Awww why not!!!" I giggled.

"Cause this is so embarrassing enough with you here. Stop laughing!!" Whining at me cause I couldn't keep my laugh down.

"I'm sure he would find this situation really funny. What's even more funny is if the guys finding out. You know what let me go get my phone." I walk passed by him but he grabbed my arm pulling me back to the spot I was in before.

"No Suho, No other guys, No phone call. This is just between you and me."

"Okay, Okay" throwing my hands in a surrender.

"How about finding a stick from outside and we use that to push the poop down?" I said thinking out loud.

"Great idea. I'll go look for the stick." He said running off before I could protest. I stood there looking at the poop, thinking of how can I get this gross ass poop down the toilet. Standing there for another few minutes, I had a Cheshire smile planted on my face. I rushed to my room, grabbing my phone and rushing back to the bathroom where I was going to take pictures to blackmail Kai.

When he came back, he had two sticks in his hand. One long and thin and the other long and thick.

"Which one?" He asked me. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"I don't know, its your poop. So why don't you choose the stick to use." I stepped to the side to let him to do what he needed to do.

Unfortunately, he had to use the thin long stick that snapped in half when he tried to push it down. He looked up at me, giving me a half light chuckle and smile. As he switch the sticks.

Finally giving the poop one last push, it was now floating in the water. Kai flushed the toilet. When walking out of the bathroom. I pin hold Kai to the wall. "Never again are you to have caffeine early in the morning." Turn away but felt something wet on my arm. I looked to see brown.

"Grosss!!!!" I screamed and started to wipe it on Kai. Realizing it was his poop from the stick he used. "I'm going to kill you!!" I scream after Kai as he ran away from me. I had went back to the bathroom to wash my arm with soap and water.


"Don't go Dad!"

"I need you!!"

"Dad!!" I yelled as I sat up gasping for air. Kai was sitting in front of me. One look at him, I thrown myself into him and cried.

"Shh, its okay. I'm here." He whispered as his arms automatically tighten around my small frame. I had sobbed and hiccuped into his chest.

We stayed there not saying anything as I had already calmed down. He knew I didn't want to say anything so he didn't press on questions. He pulled back taking my face into his hands. Brushing some strands of hair way. He and I locked eyes.

His brown eyes made my heart skip a beat and butterflies in my stomach. I pushed the feeling away as I waited for the silence to break.

"Are you okay sleeping by yourself?" Asking me. Shaking my head no, he understood with a head nod. "I'll stay until you sleep."

I was okay with that. I crawled from his lap to get under the covers and settled in. He helped tuck me in and pulled the desk chair to the side of the bed, taking my hand.

He had started humming while his thumb rubbed in a circular motion on the back of my hand. This soothing had calmed me down and had my eyes dropping in seconds.

I heard him get up from the chair when he thought I was a sleep. I gripped his hand tight. "Please stay with me." I mumbled, knowing he heard me. I felt the covers lift and a warm body pressed close to me laid next to me.

He embraced me by pullung me closer to him. I closed my eyes and knocked out in seconds.


"Do you think I can get a picture of them?"

"Hon, I don't think we should disturb them."

"But they look so cute together. Is it bad that I want them to date. After Youngbin, EunJi shut guys out. She build walls to keep them out but Kai is special. He's perfect for my baby."

"Time will only tell with them. Come on let get breakfast ready. Before they wake up and Tae gets home." I heard talking of two people then footsteps walking out the room along with a door being closed.

I opened my eyes to see the light from outside lighting up the room. I was feeling like I was being trapped by something and couldn't get in a good position until I had turn around to find myself centimeters away from Kai's face.

Looking up at his face, I could see all of his features. His nose, his eyelashes, his lips, his cheekbones. I couldn't resist the urge to run my finger over the bridge of his nose. He made a scowling expression then eased into a peaceful expression which made me chuckle. I guess my giggling woke him up when I had felt his arms tighten more around me. "Good Morning Angel." his voice came out raspy. It gave me a flutter in my stomach. "Good morning Bonehead." I said to him as he groaned.

"Angel why the name calling this early? Why can't you be nice?" asking me. His hold on me was tight, that I could barley breathe. "Kaiii, can't breathe." trying to push him off of me. "Not until your nice to me."

"Okay, I'll be nice." telling him. He was hesitant of letting me go but removed his arms from me. I sat up and got off the bed. "Thanks Bone head." telling him as I ran out of my room with him chasing after me. I was lucky that Juro and my Ma were in the kitchen. So I could hide behind my Ma.

"You you two are up." My Ma said as she flipped the pancakes. "Good Morning Mrs. YoungJi, Mr Juro." Kai said his greeting as they greeted him back. The door opened and a yell came through. "I'm home." I rushed to find Tae taking off his shoes.

"MY TAE!!!" giving him a hug. He hugged me back. "Hi Noona."

We heard a cough from the side of us. Tae let go of me and looked to see Kai standing there. "Noona what's he doing here?" asking me loud enough for Kai to hear.

"What I'm allowed to be here aren't I?" he asked Tae.

"I guess but I don't like you hanging out with my Noona. Noona he has cooties, he's yucky." I giggled. "Your absolutely right Tae. He has cooties and he's yucky." I agreed with Tae. Ma called us to come sit at the table for breakfast. Tae offered me his arm, which I took and as we walked past him, I stuck my tongue out and left him standing there.

eunji and take relationship are goals and I am shipping kai and eunji more and more!!!!!! ahh the feels
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@JarviaKlipka ahh can't wait!!!!!!