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Hello everyone!!

...Yes, I know I've been slacking.... Don't say anything >.> I'll apologize for that later;;

Anyway!! It is the final week of the quarter (T.T) and I felt that I needed to do something special for the ending of the 2nd Quarter!!!!

....With a door game!!!!

I've never made a door game before and this one isn't like....the greatest one in the world, but I think it'll still, hopefully, be enjoyable to all of you;;
The theme of the door game is Between Us by CNBlue kind of as a way to honor their comeback!!!! (That was amazing~ C:) But... trying to come up with a story/door game based off this song/MV was uhhh....Challenging;;

But that's no important!! All you need to know is the First Door will be posted tomorrow at..... 12 am EST!! So ya~

There isnt really any real rules and if I really need to say something then I'll probably do that tomorrow with the first card. Anyway!! Please participate and join us in this cutesy little game and I hope you all enjoy it.

The game starts on Jun 24 - Jun 30 and a Door will be posted everyday until the 30th which will be the final day (also the final day of the quarter).
(Invite your friends to join us as well~ We can never have enough Boices around ^-^)

Anyway, see you all tomorrow with the 1st Door chapter~

~From your certified, professional pervert~
(I swear, I have a degree C;)

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I am excited to play!