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@EmilyPeacock I know right. I don't mind having him being my man or hubby as long as he looks like that.
6 months ago·Reply
@EmilyPeacock as Sasuke
6 months ago·Reply
@Luna7 I know who the anime character he is, I was just curious to who the actualy guy was 😂😂 Like when I first showed my friend, she thought it was a FF animation picture, but when I told her the guy was real.... she nearly had a panic attack 😂😂
6 months ago·Reply
@EmilyPeacock I thought that too at first, but I been looking online for so long trying to find out who he is and how he would look like without all the make-up.
6 months ago·Reply
that collarbone tho 😍😍
6 months ago·Reply