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BTS JIMIN: Contemporary Or HipHop 💖

... BOTH! He is an extreamly talented dancer and pulls off both styles with ease.♡


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I appreciate all forms of dance so I really dig seeing someone as talented as him do both of these styles with grace and passion.
5 months ago·Reply
Totally agree ☺
5 months ago
I love dancing in general and the way Jimin dances to any song, with any form of dance is just amazing! 😝💖
5 months ago·Reply
YES!!! He's such a talented dancer in general. ♡
5 months ago
I think because he does come from contemporary background his hip-hop dances seem fluid and elegant. Both styles come off naturally, as if he was never taught either style. Compared to other hip pop dancers his movement seem softer, which makes me want to continue watching . 😍
5 months ago·Reply
Yeah he studied it for a few years before becoming a trainee and im sure that has a HUGE part to do with his dancing styles and thats probably the reason why no matter what style he takes on it comes off as elegant yet powerful, beautiful and graceful .😊😊
5 months ago