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Hey Carat! This card is for @EvilGenius who submitted for the Seventeen and Pentagon summer event! We voted and you got our resident sunshine DK!
Both of you have planned this summer date for a long time. Especially since he has time in between his promotions to dedicate a weekend to both of you.
The first event of the day is to beat the sun's heat at one of Korea's fun water parks to cool down and scream in excitement from all the slides.
Afterwards both of you are starving and enjoy a homemade picnic at a nearby shady park, talking about how much fun the water park was. He makes you laugh so hard making funny faces lemonade almost comes out of your nose.
The evening closes in and you both sing in the car as you travel to stay at a bath house for the night. When you're both feeling refreshed and relaxed you catch up on shows together and spend time catching up.
Though the talking doesn't last long as you swing at him with a pillow and laugh at his loud "YAH you're gonna regret that!!" And so you two end up in a heated pillow fight until he ends up tickling you into the floor as you try to escape. Exhausted you both fall asleep and await in excitement for what you have planned the next day.
I hope you liked this card!! I encourage everyone to submit for the event!😄