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Humanitarian workers and military troops from around the world converged on the Eastern Philippines, racing against time to rescue and feed those devastated by a horrific typhoon. The horror is everywhere thanks to what was Super Typhoon Haiyan when it came ashore six days ago, packing winds 3.5 times as strong as Hurricane Katrina, pushing in a wall of water 15 feet high and washing away towns on many islands. The death toll from this calamity had increased to 2,360 by Friday morning, with more than 3,850 injured and 77 people reported missing. There's every expectation the number of fatalities will rise, though no one knows how much.
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im far from that place but my sister and niece I dont know what happen to them
4 years ago·Reply
i hope everything is ok with your family
4 years ago·Reply
thanks you.....i always pray for their safety....
4 years ago·Reply
sweet plane.
4 years ago·Reply
osprey's are awesome, thats why i chose this picture on the front
4 years ago·Reply