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Korean movies <3

This weekend I talked to my boyfriend about some of my favorite Korean films and we share our favs! My boyfriend explains The Host at the end and I think he explains it really well :)


Movies we talk about:

1. Memories of Murder
2. JSA
3. Welcome to Dongmakgol
4. Sunny
5. Peppermint Candy
6. Linda Linda Linda
7. Taepoong Taeyang
8. Save the Green Planet
9. The Host


Han Gonju, Poety, Silenced, Castaway on the Moon, Wolf Boy, Tale of Two Sisters.

What are your favorite Korean films?

Train to Busan is my favorite thus far. I'll be sure to check these out πŸ˜†
Sunny, Train to Busan, the Housemaid, the Technicians and Blind
Train to Busan and Silence
I've only watched two of those. I'm definitely watching the others πŸ˜†. I was watching "bad man" the other day and to be honest that is one fucked up movie πŸ™„.
SUNNY !!! I made my friends watch it and afterwards they thanked me saying they never felt so close. I also like The King and I . It's very touching and made me super emotional!
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