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Just as KARD promised the special for 5 million views on both Youtube and Facebook .

Guys idk if u guys knew but i went to the KARD concert in Houston with P1 tickets and they were sooooooo much prettier in person.

J.seph's eyes were sooooooo gigantic. their faces may look flat on screen (I'm sorry but was that just me??) but they really arent in real life.

All of them are taller in person both Somin and Jiwoo look alot taller (mainly because I was 5'1 when i attended but now I'm 5'2 YAY) but also they are litterally next to BM who is 186 cm(at least 6'1) and J.seph (forgot his height)

By the way in still in high school so during school time I won't be posting as much during that time :(((
But its ok its summer break right now

Hey guys I'm back sorry for the extremely long hiatus. But all that matters is that i am posting again I hope u guys will like the content I will be posting in the future