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The house that stood in the middle of nowhere was draped like a blanked in black darkness, and the sound of the annoying buzz of tiny little insects filled the cold, muggy, and summer air. Outside the shack like building it was surrounded by the dead grass that covered the lawn knee high in brown and yellow flora. The gray bark of the dead trees pealed off slowly and fell to the ground, on which the brown and paper thin leaves fell too and on the cracked house's roof. The house itself was covered in the silk white cob webs of spiders whose prey were stuck to their death, waiting for the spider to end their life. The house exterior, aside from the webs, was cracked in wood that seemed to be coming apart with every rain fall. It smelled like dead animals and it had cracked windows that offered no light into the pitch black cavern. Mud and dead insects were plastered to the house like little decorations and it was dead silent. All for the sound of seven men who were wrongly walking towards it. They were lost. Of dreadfully lost. Their tour van had broken down a mile to the north and they were looking for assistance since their cell phones didn't get any wifi. The wind whistled a deafening song as they neared the door, warning them not to enter, but none seemed to notice.

The seven guys stood at the house, looking it over, the floor board of the poach that surrounded the house creaking underneath them. Their eyes looked curiously around, and one of them knocked, the force of his hand knocking the door open. The sudden light of outside world draped the store in sunlight, and as it moved inward the door creaked eerily letting the view of seven guys be revealed. They all stood there, as they heard the door knock on the wall from inside and they all let their eyes widen in fear.

"Eh hello?" One of the guys called in. There was a gust of wind, pushing the man's bangs to the side and he quickly fixed them.

"No one is going to answer J-Hope." A guy named Jin said, seeing that no one was answering their hello.

"We don't know that." The leader Rap Monster replied said, moving slightly so he was now in front. He carefully popped his head in a little looking left and right, but it was too dark to see anything. The floor under them creaked again and Rap Monster held out his hand behind them. "Someone give me their phone." He said, squinting his eyes in front of him. The guy to the left of him who called himself Suga reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his phone, knowing that their leaders was dead, and plopped it into his hand. Rap Monster quickly put on the flashlight mode and slowly walked in. Rap monsters feet creaked underneath him, and his heart raced. His eyes followed his flashlight, to scared to look anywhere else. The place was a complete mess, it had buttons and thread sprawled on the tables set before him, a old fashion sowing machine sat on the tables center and dusty fabric hung on the walls. Rap Monster moved his phone to the side, and set it upon the wall, the site almost making him drop his phone. The walls, were lined with dolls. Their glass eyes lined all in a row, their stares seeming like they were penetrating his soul; their outfits all various from eras of time.

"Do you see anything?" The youngest, Jungkook asked quickly, moving slightly and popping his head through the door opening.

"What the hell?" Jungkook said, immediately seeing the dolls line the broken walls and walked in toward their leader who was frozen in place. Jungkook took out his phone and turned on the flashlight mode as well so he could see more of the details in his surroundings. The five other guys only looked at Jungkook and slowly let their eyes look around from the door way, not being as brave as their youngest, and leader, and stayed where they were.

"What is this place...."Rap Monster whispered at the freaky dolls; his eyes glued to them. The fear in his voice undeniable and the other members could feel it. Jungkook looked at his friends from deep inside the store and cracked a smile. It seemed like he was the only one not afraid.

"You guys aren't scared are you?" Jungkook asked, his hands reaching out and boldly taking one of the dolls that had been on one of the shelves and turned it over in his hands. His hands could feel that the doll was made out of plastic, all except the head which glistened under his bright phone light. The beautifully crafted clothes looked like a small replica of a traditional Korean dress; with the red, orange, and yellowing popping into Jungkook's own darkened eyes.

The five guys still at the door looked at each other, their eyes searching one another for a suggested move.

"Guys. I really don't think we should be entering someone's else's store. What if it's haunted?" J-Hope advised from his position. Suga looked at him and rolled his eyes. "There is no such thing as ghosts." He said, trying to sound confident. J-Hope looked around and shook his head. "I'm not going in." He said nervously, and Suga nodded. "I'll go in." He said. "I don't want to be shown up by Jungkook again." The other guys looked at each other for a second again, and all nodded, knowing that they shouldn't be afraid of a old house.

"I'll go too." The guy named V said.

"Me too." Jimin, the guy next to J-Hope said.

The four guys slowly entered the house, continuously looking around, noticing how the glass eyes, almost looking life like of the dolls hanging on the walls, stared at them, how the cob webs hung from the corners, and how tiny spiders crawled from the old broken roof. The only sound was the guys' feet moving around.

Jungkook who was still deep inside the store still had the doll in his hand and his phone in the other. Jungkook's eyes rose slightly at the sound of the four pairs of feet pounding the floor, and looked at how J-Hope stayed at the door.

"Is he still not coming in?" Jungkook asked V, at which V shook his head for. Jungkook sighed and looked at his friend. "No one is here! Come on in." But after another failed attempt Jungkook sighed again. "Here. I'll prove it to you." Jungkook yelled to J-Hope. Jungkook put down the doll and slid his hands across his pants getting the dust off his hands before opening his mouth.

"Hello!" Jungkook yelled.... "Is anyone here?" All seven of them waited for a response, but Jungkook's question echoed in the air, lingering for a second before disappearing, the air still with silence.

"Hello!" Jungkook yelled again, but he still didn't get an answer. Jungkook turned back to J-Hope and smiled confidently. "See. Nothing to be afraid of." Jungkook said. J-Hope looked around from outside the door and eventually quickly stepped in, quickly looking around, finally deciding it was safe to enter.

"This is freaky....." Jimin mumbled from afar as his eyes darted from doll to doll. Jimin scrunched up his eyes trying to as he did and walked to a shelf picking up a doll of his own. Jimin turned over the doll carefully, the dust covered fabric looking like it could tear any second. "This one looks really life like...... hey, how old do you think this doll is?" Jimin said asking the last part out loud and turning around to show the rest of them. Jungkook turned his head and looked at Jimin, shrugging.

"I don't know. Ten, twenty years old? It's really old fashioned looking." Jungkook said looking at the closest dust covered shelf and picking up another doll nearby, moving the limbs and making it look like the white male who was wearing cargo pants and a black sweatshirt was waving at him.

Rap Monster eyes pealed off the shelf at the sound of all the guys talking and looked around , noticing how Jimin and Jungkook picked up their own dolls while the others only touched them briefly. It hit him quickly that all of them, including himself, had forgotten why they had knocked on the house's door in the first place. Rap Monstere turned away from the shelf and shined his phone in the tow guy's faces.

"I know this place is creepy, but remember why we came in here in the first place." He said. Jungkook covered his eyes with his hands, a frowned plastering on his lips as Jimin did the same. "Our car broke down and we need another tire. You guys should be worried about getting back on the road, not the dolls. We have a fan meeting tomorrow." Rap Monster said, watching the two guys clench the dolls in their hands. Rap Monster quickly took the phone's light away from their faces and sighed, staring to look around for a spare tire.

Jimin sighed, removing his free hand away from his eyes and looked at the doll. He knew Rap Monster was right, and frankly A.R.M.Y's were more important than the doll in his hands right now. Jimin loosened up his grip on the doll and darted his eyes around, just as the wind of the outside brushed his bangs back, making a hissing sound. It scared him, but he was already inside the house and he didn't want to look scared at this point. Jimin looked around, taking his mind of the weird wind, looking for anything that looked like a tire and eventually bent his knees getting on the dirty floor to look under a table that was nearby. He placed both hands on the muddy ground, squishing the doll, and hobbling under the table. Jimin's eyes darted around, but he couldn't find anything. "There's nothing here that would help us." Jimin mumbled, getting up, only to bump his head on the table, and quickly, and forcefully putting his hands back on the ground to steady himself. In the next second Jimin heard a deafening crunch sound and peered down, seeing that the dolls glass head had cracked open.

"Shit." Jimin mumbled, moving from under the table and getting up, looking at the doll's cracked face again.

"Guys. I accidentally broke one the dolls." Jimin said, showing the other guys the damage. Rap Monster angrily stared at Jimin. "I thought I told you to worry about finding a tire and not the dolls." He said. Jimin eyes darted to the doll, feeling guilt for a split second before lifting his eyes back to Namjoon's to see his lips part into a sigh. "It doesn't matter. It's not like it was alive." Rap Monster said softly, turning to resume looking. Jimin scrunched up his eyes and turned the doll over and looked at it.

"I guess." He mumbled, placing the doll back on the shelf before going over to Jungkook to help look for a tire.

Jimin's feet hit the ground hard, and as he walked over the wind picked up again, and he was about to look behind the counter when he heard the familiar hissing sound again coming from the breeze.

"Do you guys hear that?" He asked curiously, looking around confused. The wind picked up again and this time the hissing morphed into words.

you broke me The soft voice of a little girl rang. Jimin's eyes widen in fear and he jerked his head around.

"How can you guys not hear this?" Jimin said, turning around, looking at the others confused. "Am I just losing it or something?" He asked, but as he said this his heart beat was quickening.

"I think you're imagining it. I can't hear anything." Jin said, looking at him confused.

"Maybe it's the dead doll" Suga joked from the other side of the room, and Jimin turned to specifically look at him, seeing Suga smirk smugly. Jimin narrowed his eyes at him, but looked down over curiously to where the broken doll was.

Run! Run Away! Don't wake her up! The voiced yelled again, the sound becoming louder. Jimin winced at the volume and cocked his head to the side, scrunched up his eye brows. He knew Yoongi was joking, but this was really freaking him out. He quickly walked back to where the doll lay and rose it to his face and looked carefully at her face, her eyes grabbing his attention. Even cracked they were so life like, it drew him in, and Jimin didn't know why. After a moment of silence Jimin laughed at himself, he felt like a fool for even considering that a doll could make noise. He was about to put it down when the doll's broken eyes suddenly blinked.

Jimin yelled at the top of his lungs and threw the doll down, shattering it as the voice continued to enter his head, the volume escalating. Jimin grabbed his head and in his pain, stumbled back and knocked into the wall in which six dolls hung from. They fell with a thud from the sudden force that hit them and broke as they hit the floor.

"Jimin what's wrong?" Jungkook asked, running over to him, watching him hold his head in pain.

Jungkook still had his doll in his hand, clearly not hearing the same thing he was.

YOU BROKE US! They all screamed at him now, sounding like a hissing orchestra; dozens of voices filled his head, only making Jimin's head spin more. Jimin's thoughts became hazy, as he gripped his head, and the thumping of thoughts continued to go up and down, like a drum.

"Make them stop. Make them stop!"Jimin yelled, doubling over as the voices continued to repeat the same phrase over and over again.

"Calm down!" Jungkook, said frantically, putting one of hands on Jimin's shoulder, the doll he was holding resting under his hand on the other. The feeling of the doll made Jimin jump, thinking that it had climbed up onto his shoulder. Jimin immediately jerked away, causing the doll to fly out of Jungkook's hand.

There was a crackle of the door as it was swung shut, grabbing the attention of the other guys.

"Hey Jimin! Can you hear me?" Jungkook frantically asked, trying to get attention.

IT'S TOO LATE. TOO LATE. TOO LATE! Their voices screamed louder in Jimin's head.

There was a thud and a screeching scream of an old women.

"You broke my dolls!" The voice screamed. She breathed heavily from who knows where and the seven guys could tell that she was looking down on them from somewhere.

"Where is that voice coming from!" Taehyung yelled, over the screams of Jimin.

"You will have to take their place." The women said and a rough wind suddenly swept over them, just as the guys looked at each other in confusion.

Jimin's eyes rolled back as the room became a blurry and fell to the ground.

"Jimin!" the six guys yelled, causing the rest of them to run over to his body.

"What the hell happened!?!" Jin asked, panic written on his face as Jungkook quickly put two fingers to his neck to try to find his pulse.

"Is he alive?!" Yoongi asked quickly kneeling down to see if he could help.

"What a perfect looking boy for a doll..." The mysterious women's voice echoed in the room, her voice seeping into the six boys' heads. "Better than my last. All of you are perfect." She said laughing again. Hoseok started to shake in fear and soon the tight pressure that he had applied to Yoongi's shoulders seized to exist as Hoseok's eyes rolled backwards and fell back too, hitting the ground hard.

"We need to get out of here!" Taehyung yelled quickly falling to his knees and reaching out his hand to pick up Hoseok; however, before he could Namjoon reached out his hand and grabbed Taehyung's wrist, hard. "Namjoon, what are you doing? We need t-" before Taehyung could finish, and as the dark haired boy looked up, Namjoon's eyes went white and he fell forward,knocking into Taehyung.

One by one they all fell to the ground, their bodies making a thunk as they hit the floor. The floor that was covered in dust and made a squeaking sound every few steps. The old women smiled, showing the unconscious bodies her almost toothless grin from the shadows. It had been so long since she had made new dolls and it was exciting her.

"What perfect dolls indeed..." She said laughing again.

-A week later.-

"BTS, the popular boy band under BigHit entertainment, has yet to be found, as Investigators scrabble to find the missing idols. They were last seen heading to their fan meet quite a ways away from the city. All the information that was released to us was that they weren't with their manager and was last seen entering their van from just preforming on Music Bank. Investigators have no leads and no eye witnesses to the case, and whether this was kidnapping or murder is still yet to be decided. Fans are protesting and pleading with their company to bring back their boys."

The TV flickered in the lit room, as a women sat on the couch, watching the news. Next to her, a paper bag filled with items that she had bought while on trip rested. She had just gone back to the little town that she had grown up in and visited her parents. It seemed, like all small towns, that nothing had changed. The same people, who had walked down the street and occasionally said hello were there, along with the people she had grown up with. The only thing different was with her: she was expecting a baby girl in a month. The women, in her early thirties, looked at the bag to her side curiously, and picked it up. It was light and easy to move around, and it crinkled as she took out the seven items that she had bought from a old women on the street. Why she had bought them, she didn't know. The women looked to fragile when she called out to her on the street, her voice sounding like it was cracking in age, her old skin folding in her wrinkles and white, matching her hair. Not to mention she had a toothless grin.

At first she had declined, but the old women, who was sitting on a rug, had insisted, and said she had made some dolls a week ago and explained that they were modeled out of the popular boy band BTS. With her boney hands the old woman had carefully reached into the inside of the cardboard box behind her, and took out, one by one, seven male dolls. Her hand extended outward to the woman so she could take them, but the woman never grasped them. Was she giving them to her for free? The woman didn't know and didn't want to assume anything. The old women didn't budge though, and said that the dolls were special, and would make good friends for her baby, which by the sight of it was due any day. The woman, feeling bad at this point that the old woman needed to go through all this trouble to make a sale, took all seven of them.

Now, as the young woman sat on her couch, looking at the dolls she had bought and listening to the news she thought back to the old woman.

-19 years later-

"Ms. Lee!" the teacher yelled at the door. The nineteen year old girl, sitting in the back of the room, looked up from her pen and paper. Her brown hair waving in the air as she looked at the teacher who had called her name.

"Yes?" She said back, curiosity dripping from her lips.

"You need to come quickly. Your mom.....she's been involved in a serious crash." He huffed, since he had ran to the room. Mummers erupted from the class as the news spread from ear to ear, but the brown haired girl couldn't hear anything. She widened her chocolate brown eyes and erupted from her seat, making a screech. Her hands beginning to sweat as she didn't even bother to take her things and sprinted out of the room and towards to the hospital.

Hours later, tears rolling down her face, she wasn't even allowed to see her mother when she passed away, because she had died on the operating table. Tears continued to streak down her cheeks in the waiting room as the doctor explained what had happened, but it was all a blur to her. Her mother was killed by someone that had been texting and driving and that was all that mattered to her. She slowly walked through the silent halls of the hospital and made her way to her mom's room and opened the door. There, she saw, on the bed, was her mom's lifeless body. The girl stared at her mom's pale skin, the stillness of her body, and when she reached her bed side, fell down and cried, gripping her mothers arm.

"Mom" she mumbled softly burying her face in her arm. "Wake up. Wake up mom. Please wake up!" Her voice was muffled, soon becoming louder in the cloth, as the reality set in. The girl stayed like that and refused to go anywhere until she was kicked out of the hospital when visiting hours were long over.

That night as the girl dragged herself home, she stumbled into the house her mom had once stood at waiting for her to come home school. She hadn't stopped crying until a few minutes ago and took her slouched over body to her room that was upstairs. The girl rubbed her sleeve to get ride of the last of the tears and fell on her bed. She didn't know what to do. She would have to move into her relatives house, but she didn't want to. She wanted to stay in the house forever. They girl maneuvered her head to the right to breath and spotted, resting casually next to her, the dolls her mom had gotten her before she was born. She remembered immediately how her mom would always tell her the story on how she had gotten them and told her that they were going to help her. The girl sniffled loudly, tears beginning to fall once again, and laughed harshly, not believing a single word of it now, because if there was any time that she needed someone it was now.

Eventually, and slowly a week passed since the death of her mother, and the funeral came and went. The girl, still upset, was forced to move into her grandma's house, which was all the way in a small town.

As the girl packed the last of the things in the moving boxes she picked up one of the dolls that she had kept out and sighed. It was the last thing she had of her mom and made sure she would never lose them.

"Why can't you be real...." She asked herself, even though she knew it was pointless. All the things that she heard the old woman said was fake, and as the girl looked at the rest, which were sprawled on her stripped bed, remembered that there were actual people who looked like them. She had never given much thought into who the dolls were modeled after, but she did know that they were once the most popular boy band nineteen years ago, but mysteriously went missing one day.

"I wonder what happened to them?" The girl suddenly asked out loud, not really giving it much thought. After a moment, she picked up each one and grabbed a near by box, recalling their names as she put them in.

"Jin." She said, placing the one with the broadest shoulders in.



Rap Monster



and Jungkook..." she hesitated a second as she held this one, remembering that he had been her favorite as a child. He had only been twenty when he was pronounced dead by the police, basically the same age as she is and for that reason she had felt bad for him. The girl knew that the rest of them were just as young, but for some reason she was attracted to Jungkook the most. The girl laughed a little as she remembered how she would play house with all of them, and Jungkook would be the dad and she would be the mom.

"I wish I was a little girl again." She mumbled, sighing after a moment and placing the last doll in her moving box. The girl folded up the box carefully and taped it shut. The darkness eloped the box and swayed as the girl picked it up to put in her car, and inside the dolls laid all pilled onto each other. Carefully and slowly as the roar of the engine covered their fake ears one pair of eyes blinked, coming back to life for the first time in nineteen years.

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