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Hello Topp Klass and Candys! It's Suki here with my carnival with Shin from Cross Gene! So we exchanged members with Topp Dogg amd Cross Gene. I am excited to tell you my carnival party with Shin.
We would arrive at the carnival! I want to get your face painted, so we stop to get out face painted before we head to do other fun carnival events. He is so accominadating on letting me pick out the design to put on his smilely face. I mean look at that smile.
Then we head you to play games. He is such a great game player. He wins me big prizes and I am so excited. He has a strong arm. After playing games we go to get some food. The sun is startin to fall and the moon is coming out and it is becoming dark.
This is my favorite time at the carnival, is nigh time. You get to see all the lights! We decide it is time to ride some rides. It is really fun to ride then at night. So we decide to ride the carousel. We get on the horses next to eachother on the carousel and I see a ferris wheel. I want to ride it. I tell Shin and I he says okay.
We get to the ferris wheel and get on, once we get close to the top, I think Shin is having second thoughts. I hold his hand and cuddle next to him and tell him everything will be alright that I am there to keep him safe. He comes closer to me and we ride the ferris wheel.
Well i hope you enjoyed my carnival party. Until next time stay Klassy and be Candys!

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