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Hello Royal Family! I am her to bring you funnies with a slumber party! So this was a little challenging, but I hope you like it.

First you come to the house where you will be having your slumber party. You walk in to find this.
The boys are on animal riding toys! It is truly funny, but they also have on for you. So you decide to join them and you get on the puppy and ride around the room with them! So much fun. Then they decide, for us to do something else.
Then it i time to play games. Yep there is plenty of space for this too. After playing games and riding the animal toys for a while longer. You have dinner and it is time for everyone to get ready fo bed.
You all go to the other room and get into your sleeping bags. Of course I will be sleeping next to OneJunn. What a great slumber party as you drift off to sleep. You think of all the fun you had that day. Well I hope you enjoyed! Until next time, stay Royal!
Royal squad
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