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Billboard... You really thought this was a good idea? To make a poll about BTS and who's the popular members? This is highly desrespectful in my opinion. Like, what if BTS would happen to see this?? What if they saw that Taehyung and Jungkook are more liked than our sunshine, Hobi? Even the leader himself???? Like BTS would probably have never come this far without Namjoon.
We all should know by know that, yes, Taehyung has a lot of fans. Yes, more people stan him than the others. But why does that have to be public? Thats rude and 100% disrespectful. ALL of the members should get praise. ALL of the members should get recognized.
Being an A.R.M.Y. means to love and stan all of the members. Not use up your time to only think about and love one member. BTS is a seven member group who are all equally handsome, equally talented, and equally doing their best to make us A.R.M.Y. happy. So why can't we do the same?
I, for one, do have a bias; Taehyung. It's okay to have a bias. Just dont forget about the other members. I dont make all my posts on any social media specifically on Taehyung. I would either take my time to make posts on all of them individually once in a while, or I'd take the time to make one about the whole group in general.
I'm not going to vote in this disgusting poll Billboard has made. I'm not going to vote for Taehyung. I'm not gonna vote for Yoongi. Im not gonna vote for Namjoon. I'm not gonna vote for Jimin either. Why? Because I love all the members. And I believe each and every one of them deserves the same amount of love respect than what they're getting in this poll.
↑↑↑THIS↑↑↑ is what it should look like, if anything. This has brought my mood down so much... And it just makes me pity the people who voted in this.. Calling themselves "an A.R.M.Y" when they should know better.
I hope at least some have you have learned at least one thing... Whether it be not to vote in bias-based polls so much, or dont favor one member all the time. It would make them all so unhappy to see theyre not getting the same love they bring upon us.

Bonus argument:

Here's a little something to explain more on what I mean.
Hoseok once went live by himself, but gave the camera to Jimin because most of the "fans" were asking for other members. In this case, mostly the Maknae line. But then there's this.
Hoseok had gotten extremely happy when he saw a few comments telling him not to leave the live. And if it made him smile this big, we need more A.R.M.Y. like this. BTS are people too, and they deserve the same love and respect that they give us. We should be able to equally care about what each member is up to in their lives, not beg for others.

Thank you for reading if you did... I hope this got through to someone...
I AM BEYOND TRIGGERED!!! THE 'ARMY'S' AND THE BILLBOARD ARE ABOUT TO CATCH MY HANDS!!!!! FIRST OF ALL NAMJOON FRICKING MADE BTS SO THEY ALL DESERVE LOVE!!!! SECOND OF ALL THE BILLBOARDS ARE BEING EXTREAMLY DISRESPECTFUL BY DOING 'Which BTS member is more popular?' The Army's shouldn't vote for one. Actually they shouldn't even vote AT ALL!!! I honestly don't have a bias cuz the bias wreck me!!! I be like 'ok...I have a bias!! FINALLY!!' Then the rest of BTS just like 'U sure about that?!?' *bias wreckes me!!!* I HAVE BEEN IN THE ARMY FOR 2 YEARS AND THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!!! This is one reason that I hate being an international fan!!! I feel as if the USA ARMY'S are responsible for this!!! I love and appreciate each member!!!!
I agree with you. I don't think any real ARMY voted on this. Look at the percentages. I think the people who voted are new fan that don't even know which person belongs to each name. The Billboards are trying to stay on the BTS train for as long as they can. It's a little pathetic, honestly.
I want him to smile for me like that πŸ’œπŸ˜„
I agree with this wholeheartedly. Hoseok is my 2nd UB and he's the sunshine. Even the member said he's their light when asked what do they do when they are sad. they all pointed to jhope.
Honestly same. Hobi is my UBW
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yeah well you know how America is....these ppl like bbmas don't know anything about Kpop culture and they too stupid to do tge research. ypu would rarely find anything like this from SK entertainment. While one may say "this gives them more attention...blah blah." Attention does not alway = money. These are probably majority non kpop fans who would never invest in BTS or Kpop. HOWEVER AS ALWAYS REAL ARMY HAS BTS BACK AND THEY KNOWNTGE REAL ONES LOVE THEM ALL! low key I think old ARMY before BTS won BBMA should make a different group for these newbies and once they display all the characteristics of a true ARMY they can be called ARMY lol. Like a boot camp thing lol
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