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Let's Not Talk Part 10 Final

Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x Leo Length: 1830 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: Why did I fall in love with someone who never spoke to me? Part 10
Y/N’s Pov: I woke with a killer headache in Ken's arms. I only got drunk once before with Ken...he had to hug me to sleep. I'm a restless sleeper in general but when I'm drunk I can't help it. When you looked up at him he was pissed. You could tell by the way his eyebrow were. “Have fun last night?” He was being sarcastic and didn't really remember what happened after Ukwon left but your weren't in a bad mood. “...yeah…?” he sat up and looked more angry than before. What was his deal? Why is he even here? “What are you doing here…” then you remembered why you you went to the club in the first place. “YA why are you here?!?” “Aish you had me worried sick last night! That's why I'm here!” “Aish! What? I can't have fun!” “Fun!” He was angry. “Going to a fucking club and walking home drunk is fun to you!” “I-I what…?” You could cry...I've never been that drunk before… “Do you not remember?” His expression changed from anger to sorrow. You shook your head no. And he looked down in his lap. “Damn y/ drunk were you y/n?” You looked down and you were still in last night's clothes. A little damp, you don't wet your bed even drunk...maybe it rained last night...walking home... “...Ken…” he looked up at you. “What did I do last night…?” “Damn y/n, what didn't you do?” You looked at him in shock. “You drunk danced with Ukwon, drunk fought Lay, and drunk cried to Leo.” “I what!” You yelled and grabbed your baby blanket to cover your face. “Shhhh Chen and Leo are probably still asleep Pabo.” Ken said quietly. “Chen and Leo!?!” You screamed again causing Ken to throw a pillow at you. “Yes Chen and Leo! They were worried about you too you know.” You were holding your mouth as Ken spoke in a broken whisper. “...Leo's the one that came to check up on you last night...when he didn't see you home he called was worried y/n” “Ughhh” you cried into the blanket. “What else did I do?” “Well you ran out of the club drunk and got lost in an alley.” You let your body fall back down onto the bed. “Ha...hey y/n?” You sat back up. “Listen about yesterday...I'm really sorry, I was angry and shouldn't have taken it out on you.” You hugged him. “It's ok” you pulled away. “But do it again and forgiveness is the last thing you’ll get.” “Haha I got it” he pulled you into another hug. You two laid there for a while before you left to take a shower and take some aspirin. When you went into the living room you found Leo asleep on the recliner and Chen passed out on the couch. Your bag from last night with your phone was right by Leo as you reached for it Leo grabbed your hand and pulled you into the chair with him. You laid there on top of him and his eyes opened. What was this feeling? It's was like I wanted to get up but my body wouldn't let me. He was warm and comforting. “I uh…” you needed to say something you could hear Chen ready to wake up. “I'm sorry” “Good.” He said sitting up and had you sit on his lap. “You worried me” he whined. Chen turned over. He's way to out of it. How late did I get home late night…? “You really don't remember anything that happened last night?” You shook your head no as he sighed. “Damn…” He bit his lip like he was holding back from telling me something. I remember seeing him...but did that really happen?! It's all a blur... “You must have a headache” he stood you and him up “you should go take care of that” You grabbed your phone and plugged it into it's charger. You grabbed a towel and hopped into the shower. You couldn't help but want to try to put together what happened last night. Ukwon said something about Exo last that explains Lay and Chen...somewhat. You remember parting with Ukwon. Leo...hmmm Ken said he came to check on me last night, and when he saw I wasn't there he called Ken and they came and found me in an alley? I wish Ken explained more. You decided to stop trying to think about it. It'll eventually come to you anyway. Once done with your shower you realized you didn't bring clothes with you into the bathroom. Your room was right across the hall so you could just blot to your room. You ran into the room and saw Ken Looking at the photo of you two on your bedside table. Ken hasn't seen you naked but you had a towel on. You walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder. “You ok-?” You stopped as the person turned around was Leo. You gripped your towel tighter as he looked you up and down. His eyes filled with lust and hunger as he bit his lip. “Uh I like this picture of you two.” He stepped back. “Why are you only in a towel?” You could feel your cheeks burn red as he looked at you. “W-well” you cleared your throat “I forgot my clothes when I went to the shower” He inhaled sharply walked closer to you. He was so close and bent down, you wanted to pull him closer, you wanted to kiss him oddly enough. He didn't break eye contact once. He reached behind you and wrapped you in your bed cover. “Get dressed I don't want them seeing you like this.” And with he left the room shutting the door behind him. “Aish…” you said left so confused on what just happened. “Why is he so confusing?” No matter how confusing he was you couldn't keep like that forever. You changed and greeted the guys in the living room. All awake and all kinda wanting an explanation. The truth was you didn't really have one. You were pissed at Ken, partied with Ukwon, yelled at Lay, and embarrassed the hell out of yourself in front of Leo all while being drunk. What are you gonna do? You left the room and made your way to the kitchen to find Ken making you breakfast. With a sleepy Chen and a thinking Leo. You sat next to Chen and gave him a small smile. He looked tired still. It was awkwardly quiet, and Leo hadn't noticed you sat next to him. Ken was done and placed your plate in front of you with aspirin and a glass of orange juice. You drank the aspirin first and then started eating while Ken was making plates for the other guys. Leo finally noticed you and sat next to you. In the middle of putting an egg in your mouth you felt a hand on your leg. You inhaled when he tightened his grip. You looked at Leo then back at your food. Is this real? What is he doing? When I was done eating I placed my dishes in the sink and escorted Chen out. He was worried about me and I feel bad. I don't remember a lot about him tho...something had to have happened. Ken went back to the dorm for some stuff for me. Him and the guys go to the club and N is apparently like me when it comes to drinking. I was left with Leo cleaning up the living room I made him and Chen sleep. Once done I sat there while Leo was in his phone. I sat there thinking and slowly dozed off when I saw it. When I remember. I ran out of the club into an alley and who was there? LEO!!!! That's why I remember him and I remember what I had said. “Leo!” You screamed and he looked at you in the craziest way. “What?” He said sitting next You in the couch. “I remember…” he looked at you surprised. “Do you remember everything?” He placed his hand on your thigh again as you nodded. “Do you really feel like that or were you drunk?” “I was drunk...but I meant every word.” You couldn't lie. I had fallen in love with the guy that either ignored me or never spoke to me. My eyes grew wide as he leaned in close our faces inches away from each other just like before. He placed his other hand on my chin and moved my hair back in the process. “I've fallen in love with you y/n. I understand that you got over a breakup. I understand that being with an idol is had but I can't help but just want to hold you. I can't help that I'm scared to actually tell you how I really feel I just-” I cut him off with a kiss catching him and myself off guard. His hand on my leg moved to my back and he pulled me closer deepening the kiss. It was like the world had stopped and we were the only two on Earth. I never knew I had fallen him for him the hard. He pulled away and hugged me. I started to cry, not from sadness from pure happiness. I had finally found my love of my life. And he found me. He ripped my tears and kissed my forehead. “I'm sorry I never told you, or gave you any signs.” He said hugging me again. “Me too!” You and Leo jumped. “Finally you both liked each other for the longest time now.” Ken said placing the stuff down. “You knew he liked me?” You said as Leo wrapped his arm around your waist. “Duh you guys have the weirdest ways of showing compassion” And he was right we did have a weird way of showing it. But we didn't need to talk for us to know what we were thinking. And we left it at that. We kept our relationship secret for a while but once Chanyeol found out there wasn't going back. Not like we wanted to anyway. Ken, Chen and I still are friends and we have our coffee still. Some days Leo would join and drive me home and others I'd drive with Leo to their dorm. That's how I met my love of my life and I'll never changed it. “Babe?” Leo said looking over my shoulder. “Yeah?” “What are you doing?” “Writing our love story?” He kissed me. “Don't forget the part where you got drunk and danced with Ukwon” “Shut up Leo!”
Awwwwww I liked it!!
awwwww 😍😍😍😍😍
I'm glad you guys liked it. I'm working on another fic so stay turned. 💕💖💕
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