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*Taehyung's perspective*

I felt something shaking me and before I could open my eyes cold water was poured on me. I jumped up and looked to see Jungkook with a bucket in his hands. I stared at him confused as I started looking  around and realized this was not my home. "Oh thank goodness your awake" Jimin said as he ran over to me. "What happened? Why am I here?" I asked him and my head started to hurt. Jimin looked at Jungkook and just nodded his head. "Taehyung do you know about vampires?" Jungkook asked. I nodded my head yes "how much do you know" Jungkook asked.

"I know that they are living among us but I never met one in person... Till now" I said replaying what happened at university. Jungkook looked at Jimin then back to me "how did I get here?" I asked again. "Jungkook carried you here after you passed out" Jimin said. I looked around again but I really couldn't tell who’s house it was. "This our home" Jungkook said as if he read my mind. "Wait both of you live together?" I asked and couldn't believe these two lived together. "Yeah me and Jungkookie have always lived together" Jimin said with a smile and Jungkook just nodded his head.

Not going to lie that I find it amazing that these two live together. I mean they have complete different personalities but who am I to judge anyways. "oh crap Taehyung its 10:30 you should go home your parents are probably worried" Jimin said with concern. I shook my head "its fine Jiminie" I said. "Really? Are you sure they aren't going to be worried?" Jimin asked again. I nodded my head because my parents work overseas so its not like they are going to care anyways. "Okay then how about we have a sleepover!" Jimin said excitedly.

Me and Jungkook stared at Jimin with a questionable look. But Jimin just kept smiling and the both of us couldn't say no to that little ball of fluff. "Fine just let me get my clothes for tomorrow" I said with a smile and Jimin got excited like a little kid. Me and Jungkook laughed at Jimin's child like behavior. "Well come let's get your clothes Taehyungie" Jimin said as he dragged me to the front door and Jungkook followed us. "So do you guys have a car or do we have to walk?" I asked as we walked outside the house. "Jungkookie has a Yamaha YZF R1 and I have a Honda Civic" Jimin said.

"Let's take Jiminie's car" I said because there's no way all three of us are going to fit on Jungkook's motorcycle. "Alright" Jimin said as he pulled out his keys from his pocket. All of us walked to Jimin’s car and got in. I was in the backset and Jungkook took the front seat. "Where do you live?" Jimin asked as he started his car. "Sunshine Hill" I said and Jungkook stared at me. "you lived there?" Jungkook asked and I nodded my head. "Taehyungie that's a really expensive place to live" Jimin says as he starts driving to my place. "Yeah" I said with a sigh and I could tell they heard it. but they didn't say anything and the rest of the drive was quiet.

"We're here" Jimin said as he parked the car. we got out of the car and headed towards the entrance. "Hello Mr. Kim" the front desk lady greeted. I just did a small wave towards her and headed to the  elevators. I pressed the button waiting for the elevator "do they always greet their residents?" Jimin asked. "No, they only do that to me" I said a bit annoyed as the elevator arrived and we got in. "Why only you?" Jungkook asked as I pressed the 7th floor. "Because of my parents" I said waiting for the elevator to stop on my floor. "Because of your parents? Why are they some big shots or something?" Jungkook continues asking questions.

The elevator beeps and the doors opened. "yeah they are CEOs of Kim corporation, they're practically everywhere" I said still annoyed as we approach my apartment. "Wait that Kim corporation!?" Jimin said shocked and I nodded. I got my keys out of my pocket and unlocked my door. I open the door and turned on the lights "Welcome to home" I said as I let them in. "Wait something here doesn't makes sense Taehyung" Jungkook said and I already know what he's going to say. "Let me guess the Kim’s don't have a son right?" I said as I walked to my bed room. "Yeah how did yo-" I cut him off.

"You're not the first to notice Jungkook" I said grabbing some clothes and putting it in my spare bag. "I'm their son and I'm not adopted if that's why you think" I said as walked back towards them and toss the spare bag on my shoulder. "Then why?" Jimin said and I look at the both of them. "Because they want to hide me from the industry world" I said. "Wait why?" Jungkook asked and I shrugged my shoulders. "Anyways enough of this let's go and have that sleepover" I said with my box smile. They both looked at each other and nodded their heads.

We left my apartment and headed towards the elevators. "Taehyungie I know you told us to drop it but I still don't understand why you do live here if your parents are hiding you?" Jimin asked confused. I pressed the button and the door opened. "Because they want me to live in a place that's up to their standards" I said as we got on the elevator. I pressed the lobby button and the doors closed as the elevator began to move. "some lovely parents you got there" Jungkook said sarcastically. "I know" I let out a sigh and waited for the elevator to stop. Once it did stop, we got out of the elevator headed to the entrance of the building.

"Oh Mr. Kim where are you going so late?" The front desk lady asked. "Um I'm hanging out with my friends and staying over their house" I said. "Mr. Kim you know your parents wouldn't be Happy about that" she said in a stern tone. I sighed "am I not allowed to have friends too?" asked her a bit angry. "I didn't mean it like that I-" I cut her off  "why does everything I do must be monitored and reported back to my parents?!" I shouted at her. "Mr. Kim please calm down!" She shouted back." go ahead tell them and I'm not only one who's going to get in trouble!" I said feeling extremely pissed off.

"Is that a threat Mr. Kim?" she said glaring at me. "No, its a promise because they will replace you just like the last one the was here before you, so don't think for a sec that my parents aren't only going to be upset with me" I said as I walked out of the building. "Taehyungie are you okay?" Jimin asked and I nodded. "Sorry about that" I said with apologetic tone. "Its okay hyung" Jungkook said and I think that is the first time he has addressed me as hyung. I smiled at Jungkook " you called me hyung" I said.

Jimin smiled at Jungkook too "why are you both smiling at me like that? Is it really because I said hyung?" Jungkook asked and we both nodded our heads. He laughed at us and walked towards Jimin's car. We both caught up to him and got in the car. This time around the drive was very cheerful and we laughed. This is probably the most I laughed and for once it wasn't a force laugh. Our joy ride came to a end as we arrive back at Jimin and Jungkook's house. We go out of the car and headed inside their house.

The whole night we played a game called Overwatch and it was fun till Jungkook won't stop murdering me over and over with McCree. So I got upset and didn't want to play anymore. So we played Uno and that was fun. Till me and Jungkook screwed Jimin over at the end of the game. He got so mad at us that he threw the whole deck at us. We laughed at Jimin getting mad and realized how late it was. "I think we should go to sleep" I said with a yawn. "Yeah it got pretty late" Jimin said as he yawned too.

We all get ready for bed and I will to sleep on the floor but Jimin insist that we share the bed. I was too tired to complain so I got on his bed. Jungkook was in his bed across from Jimin's bed and wonder why both their beds were in the same room. But I was too tired to ask questions and I slowly drifted off to sleep. Everything was peacefully and quiet. I was like this for maybe a good hour till a loud knocking sound came from the front door.
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