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Jay Park-Zeus
-As the CEO of AOMG Jay would be the Greek God Zeus.
-Zeus was a huge player, like the amount of baby momma's this dude has is ridiculous.
-Jay definitely has a way with the ladies though.
-Jay is loyal to his crew though, which I think is a little different from Zeus.
-Zeus was (kind of) loyal as well. I mean the sons and daughter he actually loved got treated well.
Cha Cha Malone- Daedalus
-He wasn't a god but Daedalus was the architect responsible for building the Labyrinth that held the Minotaur.
-Although Chase isn't the only producer of AOMG, I liked to think that you could consider him an architect of a good amount of their beats.
-No knock to Gray because I love him too but someone else fits him.
Hoody- Aphrodite
-Personally one of my favorite goddesses (Second to Athena but tied with Artemis) Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty.
-Hyun Jung has such a beautiful innocence to her that when I was thinking of making this card I immediately knew she would be Aphrodite there's was no question about it.
-Hoody seems the type to not only be beautiful on the outside but on the inside too. It's just hard to look away from her.
Ugly Duck- Hermes
-For those of you into Greek Mythology you probably thought I'd choose Hephaestus for Ju Kyung because he was considered the ugliest of the Gods and Ju Kyung's stage name has Ugly in it. Welp you're wrong lol.
-Hermes is consider the messenger for the gods. Superheros like The Flash and Captain America sported the wings on their helmets to kind of reflect Hermes (I think at one point Thor had them too. He may still have them and I just haven't been paying attention.)
-Hermes is said to have been conceived and born on the same day. Talk about premature.
-Ju Kyung gets Hermes because Hermes is also considered to be a trickster and Ju Kyung is very silly.
-I actually see Ju Kyung as the type to play harmless but stupid little pranks on the members of AOMG.
Gray- Apollo
-Gray actually had a few gods that could've fit him the other I was thinking was Adonis but he won Apollo instead.
-Apollo has a twin named Artemis, while he is the god of the sun I believe she's a huntress of the night so they opposite each other.
-In addition to being the god of the sun, taking his golden chariot across the sky to pull the sun down, Apollo is also considered a god of music and poetry and many other things.
-While, like I said, Gray could've been given Daedalus I think Apollo fits as well.
-Gray also didn't get Adonis because Apollo is actually known for his good looks too. Apollo kind of hit various areas of Gray with one stone.
-Dionysus was the god of the Vine. We all know how Loco gets when he drinks and I'd say Dionysus is pretty much the same.
-Actually, Dionysus got drunk once and some guys tried to fight him thinking, since he was drunk, he would be easy to take on. Boy were they wrong.
-Drunk or not a god is a god buddy. Don't fight a god even if he's drunk.
-Loco is cute and cuddly both sober and drunk (if you haven't seen the video omg go look it up he's so adorable). Still, since he blacks out I feel like he's the type to have gotten into at least one drunk fight and not even realize it. Lol.
Simon Dominic-Theseus
-Theseus was not a god but I believe he died a King. He was mortal (obviously cause, you know, he died)
-Theseus was intelligent and wise. A leader.
-I almost gave Ssam D Atlas because I thought he carried some weight on his shoulders when he was in Supreme team. He seems a bit freer at AOMG though.
-Kiseok Oppa has some years under his belt and I think with all that experience he's a wise man. He's someone you'd want to be in charge.
-Adonis is the god of beauty and desire.
-Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis and later Persephone fell in love with him causing two women to fight over him.
-Zeus declared 1/3 of Adonis' life be spent with Persephone, 1/3 with Aphrodite and the last third however he chose to spend it. I believe he spent 2/3 with Aphrodite.
-I love Elo's Visuals, please don't sleep on this dude and if you don't find him cute at least appreciate the voice this dude has.
-If he was a chick I'd make him a Siren no lie. That voice is heavenly omg.
-Honestly I think anyone in AOMG could fit Adonis. Most of them at least. Still I think Elias Adonis fits well.
So what do you think. Do you agree on these or do you think some other Greeks could fit the AOMG crew? Let me know in the comments below.
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@bbxgd look who apollo xD
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This is a damn good card. sorry I'm just now seeing it.
Thank you
Poseidon is more Jay xD
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@royalpandajedi Lmfao yup πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Wow! what a creative card 😊
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