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The stories titled, “Eyes That Lost You” and “For Tonight Only”, combined and rewritten (if you read those cards/stories), mainly because they were good stories and I should've thought them out more better. They were originally prequels to Run Jun Myeon but since they also dipped into Secret Of A Noona storyline, I thought it would be better to sort it out. Especially… especially since I had already established how that noona and her baby god got together in Secret Of A Noona. After writing SOAN Part 3: Caged Inside Of You, I really wanted to do this!

This new version will connect Secret Of A Noona and Run Jun Myeon more clearly. And not only that but will bring it full circle to the beginning of Secret Of A Noona.

So, NO! This isn't done.

One year ago this month, I wrote Secret Of A Noona.

This is a PRE-QUEL to it all.

She'd been living in Seoul for just over a couple years. Working odd jobs while she waited for a good job in her field to open up. She was working at a beauty salon when she got hired at the SM film & theatre building. Her co-workers threw her a congratulations/going away party. It made her kinda sad to say goodbye to her friends. Working for this company she won't be able to discuss anything that goes on with anyone outside the company. So says the contract she signed. Or else she'll get fired and sued.

First day, she was excited. She had already been assigned to the theatre department, where all the stage plays were conducted.

In the first week, a young woman befriended her. When the other makeup artists & stylists were trying to be shitty towards her, she stood by her side.

“Don't worry, they're just jealous because you're doing a better job than they are. The actors are requesting you.” She said and held her hand out and smiled, “I'm Nari, Lee Nari (이나리)”

Jae looked at her hand, it was unusual to see someone wanting to shake her hand, she shook Nari’s hand, “I'm Jae, Jae Reeves”

“Hello Jae…” Nari looked at her face closely, “I don't mean to stare but your features are very unusual. I mean, judging from your accent, are you American?”

Jae smiled, “I am. I have mixed blood but mostly that of Native American.”

“Ahhh that explains the skin tone. Your hair though… and your eyes, they don't match.”

“Oh I'm not naturally blonde, I dyed it. It's actually a very dark brown.” She touched the ends, feeling the texture, “Its kinda dry, think I need a trim. And uhhh….” Jae popped her eye contact out, “My eyes are actually green”

“I want to see it!” Nari squeaked.

“See what? See me get my hair trim?”

“Let's wash that color out. I bet you're really pretty. Why are you covering it up?”

Jae shrugged, “Was trying something different. It's been awhile since I seen my actual hair color. It was red earlier this year, I wore it black for a while last year.” She laughed popping her contact back in.

“When were you born?” Nari asked, she didn't know whether to call her unnie or dongsaeng.

“1984“ Jae answered.

Nari smiled, “Is it okay if I call you unnie? There's only a three year difference.”

Jae smiled back, “Yes, that would be fine.”

They were inseparable for the next few months. They created their own team and always had each other's backs. Until one day, Nari was assigned to go on tour with one of the girl groups. She would be gone for almost a month. Jae congratulated her and was envious that she was getting this opportunity.

Jae seen her friend off at the airport. Nari hugged her tightly.

“I think we were doing too well so they're separating us.” Nari cried, “They’re so jealous of us.”

Jae laughed, “You're going to have so much fun. You must send me pictures from wherever you're at!”

“I just wish you were coming.” Nari said, wiping her tears away, “What are you going to be doing while I'm gone?”

“Ummm, I'll be working makeup for that upcoming play. It's supposed to start this weekend. I guess they're just waiting on some idol to get back. I guess he's one of the main characters.”

Nari thought for a second, “Oh, Kim Jun Myeon-ssi. Oh yeah, his group is in Japan doing their fan meet again. They do it once a year when a new album comes out.” Another co-worker picked up her bags and told her it was time to head up to their gate, Nari hugged Jae for the last time, “Take care unnie I'll call you when we land in the States.”

“Take care, Nari, I'll miss you.”

Jae watched her friend go through security and then watched her walk out of sight, waving one last time. She walked out of the airport alone strolling along. Being at the airport made her itchy to want to go traveling. She hadn't been anywhere just for fun in a while. She missed all that traveling, the arriving somewhere new or even somewhere old and familiar like Rome or Seattle. It was right then and there she decided she was going to take off somewhere, anywhere. Save up some money and take some time off in a couple months.

When she got home, there was a guy hanging around the front entrance but she ignored him. She walked passed him and headed up the stairs.

“You're really going to ignore me like that?” He said following right behind her.

She still said nothing, still ignoring him.

“Jae…. Come on it's been a year, you can't still be mad.”

She stopped, she couldn't ignore him anymore. She turned around to face him and when she did, he recoiled looking away, looking away in shame. She glared at him, trying to make him look her in the eye but he kept his eyes down.

“I felt sorry for you. You had no one” she snapped

“I know…” he said pitifully.

She shook her head, she wasn't going to deal with this. It happened and she banished him from her life. “Go away. I told you to never speak to me ever again.” She continued on to her apartment, hoping that he would just leave.

He reached out, grabbing her arm and twirling her around. He grabbed her around the neck gently, he put his head against hers. He was crying, “Please, Jae, I miss you. I know I screwed up and you punished me for that for the past year. All I've thought about was trying to make it up to you.”

Jae smelled his breath when he breathed into her face, she cringed. He was still using. She pushed him away, he looked at her sorrowfully, then she slapped him. She grabbed him behind the neck hard, her fingers digging into his flesh, getting into his face.

“You fucked me over. I tried to help you because I thought of you as a brother. But looking back, it was all bullshit. You wanted someone to feel sorry for you so you could sucker them in and I was the idiot that fell for it. But you know, I'm glad you did what you did because I would've got pulled into your worthless little world and died.” she took a whiff of him, “You're STILL using that shit. I have no time for that crap or YOU for that matter!” She shoved him away.

He whimpered, “jae...I need help.”

“Well babe, you're not getting it from me.” She said right before she pushed him back. Her fists slamming into his chest, making a hollow sound.

He stumbled, feeling only air under his foot and then a long drop. He reached out to grab her but all he saw was her cold death stare as she watched him fall down the stairs. He don't know how far down he went when he felt his arm break, hearing it crack and pop with the rest of his body flipping over his head, and being kneed in the head by his own knee.

Jae watched as he tumbled down the stairs. She felt nothing towards that guy. He was a part of the past and she's moved on since then. He hadn't been her boyfriend or anything like that but just someone she had gotten close to, too close, and tried to help.

“Don't ever come back here.” She said calmly and went to her apartment.


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A no name son of a bitch that's all he is 😂😂😂
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