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Warning! EXØPLICIT 19+


Kim Junmyeon.

Leader and mother type of eight. When things need to be done he's the one to get everyone on the ball, to keep everyone in line. He never had time for himself. Work, work, work was an endless 24 hours a day. He has no manager because he was his own manager. He wanted to prove that he could handle it. Maybe every now and then one of the managers would help with stuff but otherwise, he did it all on his own.

When the company brought him into the meeting for the theatre play, he wasn't too sure because it never crossed his mind to do anything like that, but the big boss said he wanted to see him do something different. He would only be in it just this one time before they turn it over to another actor, and it was a two week show. They gave him the script and he read through it. He liked it and agreed to do it.

He took the script home and studied his parts over the next month. Kyungsoo helped him acting the other parts out. Sometimes Chanyeol would jump in because as he said, it looked like fun. He got fitted for his costumes and would join rehearsals often but he was getting nervous that he wasn't going to be able to pull it off.

They attended a dinner the night before they were to leave for Japan for the fan meet. It wasn't a big deal but the company wanted them at attend. There were lots of food and people. Junmyeon sat by himself at their table while the others played and enjoyed themselves. He was watching Sehun trying to pick up a girl. Sehun never got the hang of it even back when Xiumin let him take the lead, he could never lure the girls the way Xiumin could. There was something about Xiumin that made women want to follow him, he could be cold but yet they were attracted to him. With Sehun, women just thought he was cute and walked away.

He smiled thinking about those times. He looked over to see where everyone else was and he made eye contact with a pretty waitress staring at him. He looked away but when he happen to look over again, she was still staring at him. He gave her a quick smile and bowed his head. When he went to take a drink, his cup was dry, he looked at it disappointed. Before he sat it down, someone put another in front of him. He looked up and it was that waitress.

“Is there anything else I can get for you Kim Junmyeon-ssi?” She asked politely. She was holding her tray in front of her so he couldn't really see her waist. He liked looking at a girl's waist. The way a woman's body curved in before expanding out to become the hips. His favorite spot to put his hands.

He smiled, “Just when I finish this drink, you can bring me another.” He drank half of it while she was still standing there.

She quickly bowed and headed to the bar.

He started to feel relaxed. He kicked back, crossing his legs, leaning on one elbow, dangling an arm over the back of his chair. He looked over and saw her watching him again. She had a look in her eye that told him she wanted him. He downed the rest of his drink.

“Here you go.” She says putting another glass of wine in front of him.

Junmyeon looked up at her, his cheeks turning pinkish thinking about what he was about to do, “When do you get off work? Are you working all night?”

She bit both her lips between her teeth, this time she didn't have her tray. Junmyeon looked at her up and down. He wasn't sure if it was the wine or just his need to release his frustrations onto her body but he was going to have his way with this one. He quickly and lightly ran his finger over her hand. She giggled and turned red, covering her smile so innocently. He liked that.

She quickly jotted her info down on a napkin and handed it to him folded. She returned his touch, dragging her long white fingers up his arm as she walked away.

He unfolded the napkin, it read…

“10 pm, I'll meet you in the parking lot.”

He looked at his watch, it was nearing 9:30. He sipped his wine slowly this time. His body heated up from the alcohol, the warmth flowing out from his stomach into every vein. Every part of him was tingling. He debated having another but decided not to. He wanted to be alive for this.

He looked at his watch again, it was 9:46 already. He glanced around the room but didn't see her so he got up and headed for the front door. He walked across the parking lot to his car. He heard a voice calling to him. The alcohol made the sound echo in his ears. He turned around and seen her coming towards him. He grinned and opened the other door for her.

At first he was going to take her to the “hotel” but at every stop light they were all over each other. At the first stop light, he pulled her head over and kissed her hard. His tongue reaching deep into her mouth, she had sucked at it as he moved it around, it turned him on.

The second stop light, she scooted over next to him, their mouths were engaged once again as she moved her hand down between his legs. He let out a moan when she squeezed, feeling his hard cock underneath his clothing. He unzipped his pants and pushed her head down. He clinched the steering wheel hard feeling her tongue licking him, his head pushed back against the headrest, letting a sweet sound of pleasure fill the car. He drove on with her head in his lap. He couldn't wait to get to the hotel, he needed to tear into her right now. He pulled over into a dark spot on the side of the street.

“Get in the back.” He ordered her.

She crawled over the seat. He crawled back after he turned everything off. He lifted her skirt and pulled her panties off, his mouth attached to her neck, sucking hard at her skin. She pushed his pants down more and guided him to her. When he felt her wetness on the tip of his hard member, he pushed into her. He grunted with each thrust, each thrust getting faster and harder. She screamed and moaned, spreading her legs as much as she could, her one leg pushed against the backseat and the other practically in the front. He started slamming into her so hard, the car started to rock. His hand ran through her hair, pulling her head back, he licked up her neck, biting at her still covered breasts.

He pulled out of her and made her turn over, he grabbed her waist and took her from behind. He slapped her ass making her squeal with each smack. He bit into her soft back, leaving teeth marks and dark marks where he sucked at. His nails dug into her as he started to climax. He pushed into her harder as he got closer. In his desperation to have some release he forgot to put a condom on.

He pulled her back and whispered into her ear, “Can I cum in you? Will you be okay with that?” He asked not stopping for a second. She was so much in the moment, she begged him to. When she said yes, he thrusted harder into her, moaning and cursing at how good she feels. When he came, he fell backwards dizzy from his excitement, his quivering member slipping out, making his cum squirt out on the seat below her. He laughed seeing the mess he made but he was kinda glad it happened that way.

His buzz was wearing off. This girl whoever she was, had enjoyed what she got and wanted more. She pushed him back and played with him. He was still hard but that was nothing, it would go away in a minute but she still tried to keep him up, even going down on him again. He just ran his fingers through her hair as she licked and sucked.

He offered to take her home when she finally realized it was over, she whimpered and kissed his neck and then his mouth. He could taste his fluids and her fluids on her lips. They made out in the backseat for a while before she finally said he could take her home. When they got to her place, she kissed him hard, wrote her number down and told him to call her if he ever wanted to do that again.

But he never did.


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Well damn!!!! I officially can't look at Junmyeon again
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He gets intoxicated very easily... as is he's very intoxicating