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Namjoon Moment #124 😂

Eating ice cream, Rap Mon style xD


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the soft sweet creamy cold frost of vanilla and chocolate with crunchy crispy cone that u can't resist will always remind u of your childhood like u will never grow old and forever young....😂
5 months ago·Reply
@AsystolinaTawan Wow! That's so true!
5 months ago·Reply
well, i'm haunted by namjoon's philosophy😂
5 months ago
@AsystolinaTawan oh god, why did I read this with Namjoon's voice in my head 😂😂😂😂
5 months ago·Reply
me too... it suddenly pop in my mind with namjoon style when he speak english....hahaha😂
5 months ago
To funny and cute!
5 months ago·Reply
lol he is married to his food not even joking
5 months ago·Reply