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Hello all, here's the next chapter. This one finally has a more obvious mature warning. Not much to say on it, but I hope you enjoy ;)

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Disclaimer: The events are purely fictional. While BTS is real, I don't know them personally so this is just for fun. the original picture does not belong to me, but the editing does.
Warning: May contain mild language, violence, and blood. Some mature content this chapter.

Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 6
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Namjoon POV
I messaged Sam until I went to bed. I didn’t tell her what happened with Yoongi, and I wouldn’t. Hyung wouldn’t want that and it would only make Sam feel guilty. When I woke up the next morning, I messaged Sam. She had stayed with the suspect and her morning shift was just beginning. She messaged me on her breaks and then messaged me when she got home to say she was crashing out. As much as I worried, I also admired her dedication to her work. But I did wish she wouldn’t push herself so much.
Things were a little tense with Yoongi on Thursday and Friday, but not enough to make the others, other than Jin, take notice. I worked hard to make sure they wouldn’t notice. And I didn’t tell hyung about the date I was preparing for as soon as I got home from work. I had texted Sam in the morning just to say ‘Good morning’ and went about my day, only a few briefs texts exchanged on our breaks. Now, I texted her to make sure nothing had changed. I was giddy with excitement; I couldn’t wait to see her again.
When I finished getting ready, I checked my phone thinking maybe I hadn’t heard it beep from the text. But there was no text from her. It wasn’t completely unusual for her to forget to check her phone and it was possible that she was held up at work. I sent another text and then waited a half an hour. Still, there was no reply. It wasn’t enough to quite worry me, but it did make me curious about what might’ve come up. So I called her phone. It immediately went to voicemail. That made me worry. She made it a point to never have her phone off. Even when she slept, she kept it on just in case someone called needing help.
I called again, still no answer. There was definitely something wrong. I didn’t want to call her work because I didn’t want to give the people there another excuse to harass her, but I was definitely panicking. I booked it to her apartment. I knocked on the door, but there was no reply. A greater panic set in and I started pounding and calling her name—still nothing. I was prepared to break the door in when a neighbor popped her head out.
“She’s not back yet,” the older woman replied. I whipped my head around.
“From work?”
“Yeah. She hasn’t come back yet. She might be tied up with something at work.”
“How do you know she’s still at work?”
“She always checks in with me or messages me when she comes or goes in case someone comes looking for her. It doesn’t look like you need food or clothes, which I could help you with. Are you looking for a place to hide?”
“No, ma’am,” I replied frantically. “I’m looking for her. We were supposed to meet, but her phone is off.”
“Oh!” The woman looked genuinely surprised. “Her phone is never off.”
“I know. That’s why I’m worried. Do you have the number of maybe someone she works with? That she trusts?”
“Yes, just a minute. I have a list.” The woman went back inside and came out a minute later. “Here you are, son. Are you her boyfriend?”
I paused. “Did she say something about me?”
“No, but you look worried the way someone really close to her would worry. She doesn’t have any family and I’ve seen most of her friends. That, and your question to my question, suggests that you’re her boyfriend.”
I blushed a little but didn’t say anything. I wasn’t sure how much Sam was comfortable with people knowing about me. Fortunately, the woman let me off easy with a knowing smile. She waited in the hallway while I called. I called the first name on the list. There was no answer so I went to the second number, Jackie.
“Sorry, I’m not on shift today so I haven’t seen her. Try calling Meg, she usually works the same shifts and they partner up a lot. Even if they didn’t work together, they’re besties so she’ll probably know.”
So I called the number for Meg.
“I’m with her right now,” Meg replied after I asked. “But she can’t talk right now, she’s getting an ultrasound.”
My heart sped up. “Ultrasound? What happened?”
“You said your name was Namjoon, right?”
“Yes. Kim Namjoon.”
“Sam mentioned a Namjoon. She said he was someone important to her. That’s the only reason I’m telling you this, understand? If she gets mad for whatever reason it’s on you not me, okay?”
“Yes, that’s fine. Please just tell me, she’s had me scared to death.”
I heard her let out a small laugh and say something about ‘nothing new’. “She was in an altercation just before her shift ended. Some enforcers were harassing a group of people, a mix of vamps and humans, in a local park and had pushed the wrong human. The human’s bond—whatever it’s called, went crazy. She got knocked around a bit trying to keep the others from shooting him. She fractured some ribs so they’re just making sure none of her organs were damaged. But they don’t think they are, so don’t panic.”
“Don’t panic?!” How the hell am I supposed to not panic? “Where is she right now?”
Narrator POV
Namjoon was there a lot faster than he should’ve been. He ran to the emergency room. Not wanting to create a scene, he barely kept from yelling her name up and down the stretch of curtained beds. He called Meg again to tell her he was there and she stepped out into the middle walkway. It took all Namjoon had to not use his extra speed to sprint there. He pulled the curtain back to find Sam sitting on the edge of her bed, gently pulling her jacket on.
“N-Namjoon! Wh-what are you doing here? How did you know—“ Meg waved her fingers slyly and then left them alone.
“Are you okay? How bad are you hurt? I was so worried—actually I kinda panicked. I was gonna break your door—“
“Namjoon.” Her sweet voice calmed him. She patted an empty space on the bed next to her. He immediately sat down and grabbed her hands. “You’re shaking.” She clasped his hands between hers to help hold them still.
“I was really scared,” Namjoon said quietly. “You never have your phone off.”
“I know, I’m sorry. It got beat up in the tussle and it broke. I have to get a new one and have everything transferred over. I’m worried about people not being able to get a hold of me. I’m sorry I scared—“
Namjoon’s lips on hers cut off her words. She was surprised for only a second before melting into the kiss. Without thinking, Namjoon’s arm settled on her waist and pulled her to him. Sam broke the kiss with a hiss of pain.
“Oh shit! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean—“
Sam placed a finger on his lips in a shushing motion. “It’s okay. Just kiss me again. Carefully.”
Namjoon didn’t have to be told twice. The kiss was sweet and gentle with a slightly less innocent undertone. It changed to more than slightly less innocent when Sam gently bit on Namjoon’s bottom lip.
Namjoon reluctantly pulled away. “You need to not do that until you’re fully healed.”
“Why’s that?”
Namjoon’s eyes flash red for a second. “I think you know why.” He didn’t miss the subtle shifting of her thighs. God, what she made him want to do to her right now…
“Knock, knock,” came Meg’s voice from the other side of the curtain. “Is it safe to come in? Everyone’s clothes are still on?”
“Unfortunately,” Namjoon mumbled.
Sam let out a small snort. “Yes, it’s safe to come in, perv.”
“I’m the perv?” Meg asked when she came in.
“Yeah, why else would you suggest that something naughty was going on in a hospital bed surrounded by everyone else?”
“Because the way he was worried about you and the way you always talk about him when he comes up in conversation suggested this would end up a very relieved and happy reunion.”
“You talk about me?” Namjoon asked, cocking an eyebrow.
“Girl. Talk.” Sam directed at Meg.
“I like the idea of you talking about me. Especially given the impression you apparently gave of me to your friend.”
Sam playfully glared at Namjoon and he threw his hands up in mock surrender. Meg smirked watching the two of them. Sam deserved to be happy after the things she’d gone through. If Namjoon could make her smile like she’d been, Meg would be happy with that. But God help him if he hurt her.
“Do you need me to take you home or will your boyfriend be doing that?”
“I can—“ Sam started.
“I’ll take care of her,” Namjoon responded.
“I’m fine, I—“
“Then I’ll leave you to it then,” Meg joined in talking over Sam. “I’ll have them send your bike to your apartment.”
“That’d be perfect,” Namjoon continued. “It was nice meeting you and thank you for watching over her.”
“Anytime,” Meg shot back. “Just, next time, bring a friend. I bet they’re as good looking as you. I could use some adventure.” And with that, she left, leaving not only Sam, but Namjoon as well, with an open mouth.
“Your friend is… interesting,” Namjoon commented.
“Don’t try to redirect me. I can take care of myself, you don’t need to take me home.”
“Oh, I’m not taking you home.”
“You’re not?”
“No. I know how crazy you’ll be with your phone in that state so we’re going to start with getting you a new phone.” Sam started to protest and Namjoon just kept talking. “THEN you owe me a date. I’m not gonna take you out where I had planned because you’re obviously not in any condition to be out and about. My place is closer and has a decent TV, so why don’t we go there and I’ll order some take out.”
“Hmm?” Sam knew that puppy-dog look was just for her.
“Ugh… You’re impossible.”
“No, you’re impossible, what with always getting hurt and now ending up in the hospital.”
“Just let me take care of my girlfriend.”
Sam looked over to him. She could see he was still worried. As unfortunate as the circumstances were, she liked having him to worry about her. That look on his face made her fall for him just a little bit more.
She gently ran a hand down the side of his face. “Alright.” His dimpled smile made butterflies take flight in her stomach and sent her heart racing. “Let me finish the discharge paperwork.”
When everything was wrapped up at the hospital, Namjoon took Sam to a cell phone store that he frequented near his apartment. He was always breaking his phone so they knew him pretty well.
As soon as he walked in, he was greeted with, “Again?” A beautiful woman about their age walked out from behind the counter. Sam immediately didn’t like her. “How’d you do it this time? Stepped on it, dropped it from your pocket, or dropped it, stepped on it, and kicked it?”
“You know me too well, Lucy. But this time, it’s actually not about me.” He pulled out Sam’s phone from his pocket. Sam watched their fingers brush against each other as he passed the phone over. Call it woman’s intuition or whatever, but she could tell that the two either had been together or they had considered it. But she didn’t want to be one of those girlfriends. She tried her best to keep a neutral countenance and not say anything that might come out as being petty.
“You did quite a number on it. You break her phone this time?”
“Nope. It actually had nothing to do with me.”
“I broke it kicking a vampire’s ass to keep him from getting killed,” Sam added nonchalantly. Or at least she hoped that’s how it sounded.
“Really?” The woman looked at her with curiosity. “Just some Good Samaritan or enforcer?”
“The latter.” Sam expected some sort of reaction from the woman after hearing she was an enforcer, but nothing happened.
“Well then, we offer discounts for law enforcement. Would you like me to show you some things or would you like to just look around?”
“Would you mind—“
“We’ll just look around for now. Thank you,” Sam cut Namjoon off.
“I guess what she said.”
“Alright,” the woman said pleasantly. “I’ll be behind the counter should you need anything or have any questions.”
Sam had already turned toward the far end of the store and started walking. Namjoon took a couple big steps to catch up.
“You already know what you’re looking for?” he asked her.
“Not really. Just something cheap.”
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. Why? Do I look like something’s wrong?”
“A bit.” Just then, Sam turned a bit funny and she felt a sharp pain shoot through her. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, just turned a little sharply. And the pain meds are starting to wear off.”
“Then let’s finish up so you can relax on the couch and get some food.”
Sam smiled. “Sounds good.”
They started looking around. “By the way, there’s nothing between me and Lucy.”
“W-What? What do you mean? That came out of nowhere. Why would you have to say that?”
Namjoon chuckled. “I could see your hackles raise as soon as you saw her.”
“It’s okay though. I like you being jealous. It means you care enough to worry. But there’s nothing to worry about. A couple years ago, we tried dating. It lasted a few dates before we realized we weren’t at all compatible. There’s nothing there.”
“But you did sleep with her, right?” Namjoon looked at her with wide eyes. “It’s okay, it’s not like I can be mad. You’re your own person and you’re an adult. As long as you and me stays you and me, it doesn’t matter what you did in the past.”
Namjoon let out a small, relieved sigh. “I’m glad you see it like that. You and me is you and me. But… How did you know?”
“Woman’s intuition. But just so you know, she still thinks there might be something.”
They looked through the phones for a few more minutes. Sam was intent on settling for an older phone, but Namjoon insisted she needed something more high tech since she used it for everything. When she asked who exactly he thought was going to pay for the more expensive phone, Namjoon easily told her that an equalist benefactor would. He said that since she was now part of the network, there were a large number of benefactors who paid for things related around people’s jobs, especially when it had to do with what she broke her phone doing. Her work would already pay for her hospital bill so that’s why they wouldn’t get involved in that aspect.
Sam tried to protest, but Namjoon told Lucy to charge it to a particular person’s account with their name on the invoice. She obliged him and then transferred over Sam’s info from the broken phone. They went back to his apartment with the new phone. With his arm around her, though not quite touching her, Namjoon directed Sam to the couch in the living room.
“Now you can finally follow the doctor’s orders and just rest.” Carefully, Sam lay down on the couch. “Do you want a change of clothes?”
“I’m okay, Meg beat all the dirt off.”
“Alright…” Namjoon shifted awkwardly.
“Where will you sit?”
“Uh…” Namjoon looked around. “Probably in that chair.”
“Oh.” Sam said with disappointment. Of course, why would she think of something so cheesy like him lying behind her and holding onto her? Actually it was probably better that she didn’t do that. She and Daesung used to do that. But considering Daesung was the only person she had dating experience with, it made sense that she thought of that.
“Nothing,” she said quickly. “What’re we gonna order?”
They decided on Chinese and Namjoon quickly placed the order. He turned on the TV and stood in front of Sam.
“What?” she asked, looking up at him.
“Are you gonna take the whole couch?”
“Huh? Oh.” She started to pull her legs up to her body.
“Not like that.”
“Scoot forward. There’s enough space behind you if you scoot your perfectly sized butt up.”
“W-What?” Namjoon gently smacked her butt towards the edge of the couch. Sam let out a small, mouse-like noise and moved up. Namjoon smirked and gently lay behind her, careful not to jostle her too much. He propped up the pillows so he could see over her head and rested his free arm on her hip. Namjoon couldn’t see her blush, but he could see the pulse in her exposed neck pick up speed. Once again, he wondered what she tasted like.
Namjoon closed his eyes and willed control of himself. He coughed. “So, what would you like to watch?”
The movie had only barely started when the food arrived. They sat on the rug and leaned back against the couch. The table in front of them was just the perfect size. Namjoon decided to have a little fun and feed her. Sam returned the favor. Namjoon cleaned up dinner and brought out melon ice cream bars for the both of them.
“My favorite!” Sam exclaimed with glee.
“Mine too!”
They clinked the bars together and started eating. Halfway through, Namjoon thoughts turned dirty as he watched her with the ice cream. He tried to will away the unwanted visuals. He couldn’t understand why he was behaving like a hormonal teenage boy, since he’d thought he’d been more under control. He quickly finished his ice cream and waited for Sam to hurry and do the same.
“Is it just me, or is starting to get really warm in here?” Sam pulled at the collar of her uniform. “Did the heater kick on or something?”
Namjoon just licked his lips as her fiddling allowed for small peaks of her collarbone. He wanted to taste all of her exposed skin. Sam turned to him when he didn’t answer. Her eyes went wide and her pupils dilated when she saw the way his dark red eyes bore into her.
“Namjoon,” she said breathily. “I-I think you’re doing that thing—“
Namjoon licked his lips again. “I bet you taste better than this ice cream.”
“Namj—“ Namjoon took her ice cream and placed it against her lips. With his free hand, he paused the movie they weren’t going to be able to pay attention to anymore.
“Hurry and finish.”
Namjoon shivered when she wrapped her lips around the last large bite. As soon as she finished it, Namjoon attacked her lips. His tongue prodded her lips and they willingly parted. She sighed into his mouth when one of his hands lazily stroked her rear. He deepened the kiss as if trying to devour her. She moaned into the kiss when his hand firmly gripped her butt. Without realizing, he started pushing her against the couch. She let out a small hiss of pain and Namjoon immediately drew away.
“I-I’m sorry.”
Sam quickly kissed him again. “Just be gentle,” she mumbled into his lips, gently placing his hands back on her.
Namjoon let out a low growl. She gripped his shirt tightly and he felt a shiver run down her body. He wanted to push it further, he really wanted to, but he wouldn’t do that with her injuries. For now, just feeling her like this would be enough. He left her lips and kissed down to her jaw then where her jaw met her neck. He let his fangs descend and brush gently against her skin. She shivered slightly at the touch.
“I won’t bite you,” Namjoon assured her.
“I know,” Sam responded without hesitation. “I trust you.”
Namjoon smiled and went back to run his tongue across her carotid. He ran his fangs gently across her skin down to her collarbone. His lips attached to the skin there and started sucking.
“Not t-too much,” Sam told him, her voice coming out as more of a moan.
He detached himself and admired the red mark he’d left. Not too much, but enough for him to know. Then he started trailing kisses back up her neck. He paused halfway up. He’d spotted the faint marks of the scars before and had asked about it. Sam had told him about her family being attacked and killed, how she was the only survivor. Enforcers had somehow been tipped off. Too late to help them all, but lucky enough to save Sam. But the scar from the vampires fighting over her had stayed with her.
“What’s wrong?” Sam asked breathily.
“How… how are you not scared of vampires after this? How can you be okay with me?” He looked away.
Sam grabbed his hands and pulled both of them up to the couch. One hand traced the edge of his face. “I told you before, I don’t judge all vampires by the actions of a few.” She kissed him on the cheek. “I had a few vampire friends before the attack. And I was skittish about my throat for a little while, but I got over it.” Jaw. “You already know that humans killed my fiancé. Should I hate all humans too?” Lips. “I hate those who do bad things, not everyone else.” She pulled his hands up and nuzzled her cheek against them.
“You…” Namjoon looked in her eyes and could see how genuine she was. She was too perfect. He cupped her face in one hand and started to kiss her again. She welcomed him. A moment later she broke the kiss. She pushed the pillows behind her onto the floor and slowly lay back. With one finger, she gestured him over. Namjoon fought to keep from pouncing on her. He adjusted himself on the couch to where he was now hovering over her, between her legs, but without touching her. He was afraid to hurt her.
He dipped down to capture her lips again. Her right leg slid up his until her knee was far enough up to indicate with a small movement that she wanted him against her. Namjoon obliged but still kept his upper half off of her. They both let out a moan when their bodies touched; exactly where they wanted the other. Namjoon trailed wet kisses down her neck again, this time lingering longer at the scars as if trying to kiss them away. His hand went to the top button of her work uniform, where he hesitated.
“It’s ok,” she told him, granting him permission. Biting his lip, he unbuttoned the shirt slowly, taking in every inch of skin that was exposed. Her bra was a plain black and slightly worn, but somehow, he found it to be the sexiest bra he’d ever seen. His lips latched onto the skin in the valley between her breasts without pressing as hard as he would’ve liked. Sam moaned and arched her back a little, wincing slightly in pain. But the pain was overwritten by the pleasure she felt. Namjoon went back to her neck, this time without his fangs, simply nipping at the skin.
Neither of them heard the sound of his door code being entered.
Bwahahahaha. Just kidding, mostly. Sorry for the unfortunate cliffhanger, but I had to. I'm just a little evil, lol. Anyhow, hope you enjoyed and I hope to see you again on Thursday! Thanks for reading!

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