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I was never the biggest SNSD fan, but I thought the sudden end of Jessica was really wild.

I wondered how the girls felt, if they were really friends or just for the camera, and if they ever kept in contact.

But now, it seems like we have some proof that at least a few of them are still close with Jessica!

What are the odds that Yuri, an SNSD manager, and Jessica were all at Lake Cuomo in Italy at the same time. Neither Yuri or Jessica was doing any kind of promotion there. They were just vacationing.

I hope this is a sign that the girls had and still have a good relationship!

On the kpopsecrets tumblr it talks about why she left/was kicked out and I've read things from "insiders" saying what happened and they're basically the same thing. This could be a coincidence or they were hanging out idk. Tbh I feel like the only member she would keep in contact with would be Tiffany.
she was technically kicked out due to her. lothing line she has. and she wasnt giving SM any profits. as it was said to be one reason. its was such a big shock about it cause she was heading to their fan meet with the members and was told that. her sister Krystal didnt even know about it. but that is what was said and what i heard. and as for them hanging out they went totally different times. i think. i do follow both amd not sure if i seen the post during the same times. or if they are trying to throw fans off like others do.