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okay, i know this could be a group fundraising effort or something but daaaaaamn NCT fans.

It seems to be trendy now to buy up advertising space in times square for idols (YG has done it before but more recently its been fans themselves doing it!) and it looks like NCT Taeyong is the latest.

He was in NYC for KCON and got to see his birthday banner himself :)
credit to jaehyunnnies!!!

It's HUGE.

I went to that exact same Hard Rock today 😅 I have no luck. I need to see that pink haired boy close up!
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Me and my Korean foreign exchange student were set out to find him. She (her name is Yee Rae) was like "let's look out for pink hair!" But it was too late he was already in another state by then. 😭
I wish to be this loved one day 😭😭😭😭😭
How much is it do to one of those?