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One of my close friends is very active in the LGBTQ+ community here in Korea and he recently went to a festival and brought back a ton of stickers!

Just thought some of you might be interested, especailly if you're thinking of moving here and are unsure of how you will be accepted. It's been improving immensely here!!!

It's still very quiet and most people keep their identities hidden day-to-day there are plenty of people like my friend who are loud and proud and making it easier for every one else to one day be comfortable in their skin :)

Happy pride month everyone!

I've always been in love with Asia and recently I am very often thinking about moving to Korea, i'm even learning korean. But i'm completely alone since I don't know anyone living there and i'm genderfluid who likes girls.
I'm glad to see the community there is slowly getting more exception. I wasn't able to go to the Pride festival here bc I was at work, but I'm hoping to go next year 😊
That's so awesome!!!!! HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!!!!