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Hello hello beautiful ARMYs !! Violet here to share what will be going on in the BTS Community this week !!! This week's theme is BTS 10 Years Later SSG!!! Look forward each member!!


(I'll try to be quick and to the point)

-BTS Bon Voyage Season 2 airs this week!!!!!!!
-BTS 4th birthday encore stage footage released!
-BTS continue their Wings Tour in Japan
-BTS have been active on V APP

Side Note:
* After a couple days of thinking, i decided to post "Things That Happened" BTS Bon Voyage season 2 edition because i know not everyone bought it on Vapp and i would like to share each episode and behind cam with you all. ♡

That's it for this quarters final BTS Community Weekly, im so happy to have been the BTS community mod this quarter once again and to have had SO many AMAZING ARMY who adore BTS just as much as i do enjoy this quarter along with me and my mod support.♡ Have a beautiful week everyone ! ♡♡


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