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Alright I meant to post this earlier and got side tracked! I'm so sorry!!!!


"What if I liked you?" Belle asked

"You don't"

"You don't know."

"Belle I gave up for a reason. I don't stand a chance, plus I rather make sure I keep my friends over a girl."

"So you still like me?"

"Well yeah, but I'm working on getting over you." He started to walk away.

"Wait." She grabbed his hand.

"Goodbye Belle." he softly smiled and moved away from her easily. She started crying.


"Jimin!" Belle yelled and shot up from her sleep. She put her head in her hands right after that. Oh she felt like throwing up again.

"Belle are you ok?" She turned her head to see Jimin.

"Jimin." she took all the strength she had left and attached herself to him and started crying.

"What's wrong?" he asked holding onto her.

"You left me." She said between sobs.

"No I didn't, I stayed like you asked."

"No in my dream you left me. You said you gave up for a reason and left. "

"It was just a dream I won't leave you."

"Don't lie. You don't know, now it may seem easy but...but.."

"Shh Belle I care about you too much to just leave you."

Belle looked up at him.

"Don't cry anymore."

"Just let me love you." she blurted out and pressed her lips to his. Maybe it was because of how he had been with her in one of her lowest points, but Belle at that moment didn't want to lose Jimin. He was too precious to her. She pulled away from him and looked in his eyes.

"Belle. I think sleep is a good idea. I won't leave I'll be right here."


"I promise, plus you only got about a half hour of sleep so rest is needed."

"OK, I am tired still." she smiled and then laid her head down. She looked at the ceiling for a bit then got bored and turned to face Jimin. He was staring at her. She smiled. He was adorable. She moved closer to him.

"Belle, dont."

"Don't what? I was just getting comfortable."

"mhm" he said with a smile.

She closed her eyes and inhaled his scent again. This made her relax and start to fall asleep.

"I want to let you love me, like I want to love you with my whole heart but I know there isn't just me in your heart." He said and pressed his lips to her forehead.

He didn't think Belle heard this but she did. Her heart broke a little at what he had said.

The next time she woke up Jimin was still there with his arm draped over her. She smiled he look so cute sleeping. She went to move a bit of his hair out of his face. His hair just wanted to cover his eyes. She moved it back and didn't let go. She leaned in and pressed her lips against his forehead just like he had done for her. She then moved to grab her phone. Crap. He needed to get up. She rolled back over to face Jimin and poked his nose.

"Belle go back to sleep." he mumbled.

"I can't and you need to get up. You have to get ready it's already 11."

"What?" his eyes shot open.

"Yeah, didn't you have to meet up at 10?"

"Crap" he shot up and started making his way to the door.

"Bye Jiminie I'll see you later. " Belle was sitting up watching him. He quickly stopped and came back to her. He quickly placed a kiss on her lips and pulled away.

"In case you forgot you kissed me last night." he smiled

"I didn't forget that." she started to blush.

"OK see you later Belle." He said and left. Once the door shut she laid back down and squealed. His lips were still so soft.


"Dude why are you so late?" Tae asked

"I overslept." Jimin tried to hide his smile.

"Oh was Belle ok?" Namjoon asked

"Yup." he smiled this time and couldn't hide it.

"You didn't take advantage of her last night did you?" Jin asked

"No." he laughed

"Then why are you smiling?"

"She had a dream about me. And we talked, it was nice. And this morning...well she was really sweet." he smiled

"About?" Kookie asked

"Things I can't speak about, unless she wants to tell people."

"Are you guys dating?" Tae asked

"No." at this Jimin walked away. He was not going to say anything about them kissing. And how cute she was cuddling up to him. He went and took a shower to get ready for Eliza to show up to get them ready for the award show.


"Belle!" Eliza screamed walking out of the bathroom.


"I need your help today. I know you were gonna help with clothes but can you do make up too?" Eliza asked jumping on the bed.

"Sure I learned from you. But why?"

"Well the girls that were going to help ate something bad last night and got really sick."

"ah food poisoning?"

"Yeah, and they would come if I needed it badly but I don't want any of them throwing up on the guys."

"That be nasty, but yes! I'll come help. I'm so excited!" Belle got up off the bed and changed. Today she was a makeup artist. She finally gets to get up close to the guys and it wouldn't be weird at all. Belle laughed.

"I know what you're thinking." Eliza said next the Belle.


"You get to get close to them and not get in trouble."

"Haha close. It won't be weird to be up in there faces."

"Yeah...this is gonna be fun to watch."

After a few minutes the girls were at the guys room. The door opened.

"Where are the other girls?" the manager asked.

"Food poisoning." Eliza said walking past him.

"Can you get them all done on time?" he asked

"Yup I have Belle."

Belle smiled.

"Alright makeup first" Eliza said looking at Belle.

"Yoongi And J-hope are first." The manager yelled out.

"I'll take yoongi." Belle said with a smile.

"Ok." Eliza started setting up the makeup. The 2 boys sat down and waited.

"So how did I get Belle?" Yoongi asked

"Because, Now sit still I want to get you done with so I can get to someone else."

"Geez." He said and sat quietly.

"You probably should have taken him." Jhope said as Eliza got to work on him.

"Nope she can do it."

For a few minutes it was quiet in the room. You could only hear the laughing from the other room.

"I'm done." Belle said and smiled at her piece of work. She tried to not laugh as she held up a mirror for Yoongi to look at himself and Eliza and J-hope turned to look at him. Eliza and J-Hope started laughing as Yoongi screamed. Everyone ran in from the other room to see what was happening and started laughing as well and finally Belle broke out laughing.

"Why did you make me look like a clown!"

"Well, you know what you did, and so I got you back."

"I'm a clown! Eliza please say you'll fix this." he looked at Eliza.

"Yeah, let me finish with J-hope first. Go wash your face." She instructed and he did as he was told.

"I don't want Belle to do my makeup." Namjoon said backing away.

"Well that's mean, I don't want to do yours either." Belle pouted.

"You can do me." Jimin said as he sat down in front of her. She smiled

"Thank you Jiminie."

This time Belle did the right thing. Although the entire time Jimin was smiling at her. They talked a little bit about random things. Everytime she'd get real focused she'd have a serious look on her face then she'd make eye contact with him and smile again. When she got to his lips she tried biting her lips to stop her smile from showing but failed. During this time several of the guys were watching the two. What was going on between the two.

"All done." She held up a mirror.

"Good job Belle." Jimin said and stood up to walk away.

"Belle before you work on the next one can you get Jimin's outfit I picked out a few different ideas. And J-hope is ready. "


While Belle went off to get the outfit for Jimin set up Eliza was finishing up with Suga.

"Eliza...I'm sorry."

"Shh, no talkie." Eliza continued to do his make up not thinking about anything but what she was doing.

"All done" She said and started to walk to were the clothes were as Yoongi followed. As Eliza walked into the room she stopped. Belle and Jimin were very close to each other. They looked like they were about to take each other. Eliza panicked.

"Panda’s are better than Tiger's." she yelled causing Belle to look at her friend and bust up laughing.

"OK Jimin, you look amazing."

"Thanks to you." he ruffled her hair and winked then left the room.

"What was that?" Eliza asked

"What?" Belle glanced behind Eliza.

"That thing with Jimin."

"It looked liked you guys were about to get it on." Suga said behind Eliza. She had forgotten about him.

"No, we weren't." Belle blushed.

"Why are you blushing then?" Suga asked

"Because.... "

"OK Yoongi, go put this on and wait with the others." Eliza shoved clothes at him and pushed him out of the room.

"Belle what is going on?"

"We weren't going to go at it, I promise it just looked like that because of where his head was."

"No his head was whatever... your face said you wanted more."

"Eliza, I....I like Jimin OK, and... last night he was really sweet to me and we kissed....."

"He kissed you while you were drunk? Did you guys...ya know?"

"No, I remember kissing him and we talked....he didn't kiss me back but this morning before he left the room he kissed me. He wanted me to remember it, he was just whispering into my ear while I was fixing his shirt."


"I know, I'm just as bad as you." she laughed and walked out of the room.

"We are screwed." Eliza said and walked out of the room.

Next up was Kookie and Jin. When Belle was done she stared at Kookie for a second and smiled.

"Come on cutie." she grabbed his hand and walked to the room with him.

"OK wear this." She handed him what she thought he'd look good in.

"Thanks. Hey Belle?"


"Do you love anyone?" he asked

"Well I love my family, and Eliza.....I love all of you guys too."

"Belle! That's not what I meant and you know it."

"No Kookie I don't. I like you a lot, at one point I thought it was love, but how can I love you when I like 2 other people alongside of you? It's not possible to love someone then."

Without warning he pressed his lips to hers.

"I will wait for you to decide on who you love."

"Kookie....I just.....don't wait for me. If you find someone then go for it. In reality I'm not allowed to date any of you anyways."

She walked out of the room to go work on Tae. Jin and Eliza walked in as she left.

"You OK JK?" Jin asked

"I'm fine." He walked out of the room.

"Things aren't getting easy." Eliza said as she walked over to pick out Jin's outfit.

"Yeah, none of us will back out of liking you girls unless you tell us too." Jin said coming up behind Eliza and hugging her.

"Jin why are you not pressuring me?" She turned to look at him.

"Because I don't want your head to explode." she laughed at him

"Here, we are gonna make sure people remember you today." Eliza handed his clothes to him and started to walk out of the room. She stopped and turned back to him. She ran back to him and kissed his cheek.

"Good luck today." She said and quickly left. Eliza took a deep breath and stared at Namjoon sitting in the chair waiting for her as Belle laughed with Tae as she finished up his makeup.

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