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You know when you're really proud of something you did and you want people to come and see?

This ferret knows that feelings.

This ferret mom just gave birth to a ton of kits (baby ferrets) and literally tugged her owner over to come see them and didn't let him leave until she was satisfied that he loved her babies enough.

Hope this brightens your day!

Awww, their so cute 😍😍😍
That's extremely adorable
This is literally the most adorable thing in the world. .
"Nooooo!! These are as much as your kids as they are mine. LOVE THEM!!"
@ Periwinkle. Yes,that Ferret is desperate to show off her cubs but doesn't look like she's taking no as an option.I don't relish the bite you could get for refusal. On Wednesday 9th August I watched Super Small Animals, a programme on BBC1 at 8pm which showed a Weasel which is similar to a Ferret but smaller.The Weasel is a predator that goes after Mice,Rats even a Rabbit which is much bigger than it in size.The programme showed off its athleticism in squeezing itself into the tightest of spaces to catch its prey burrowing into field mice holes and rabbit dens.The Weasel is a vicious predator but looked cute with its owner who has a fascination with these animals.The programme also showed its cubs? and it training them to do the same.Catch it on BBC iPlayer.:-)