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I Would Pass Out If This Happened To Me

Imagine your favorite group is right behind you, sitting next to you, dancing around you...

and you have no idea.

To be honest this would totally be me but instead of video games its me watching a vixx mv ;)


they dance around him for like 5 minutes until finally he sees and is like....are you 9MUSES....

The one with the red hair was sad she actually had to get up from the game 😂😂
That poor dude
This is cute lol
That was so cute! He was so calm about it too it had me thinking, 'does he really know who they are?' I've seen videos that are like idols walking around and they go up to random people and those people have no clue. It's crazy; Istg if any idol, 9Muses, Exo, BTS, boy or girl group was sitting right next to me or was standing in the same room as me or behind me I would shit myself. could you not know them and remain calm about it.
If I saw kyungri looking at me like that, I think I'd 1. I'd mumble/slur my words from being to entranced by her beauty or 2. Faint lol
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