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who remembers this? I sure do
Hey, everyone! How are you? I hope everybody is doing well, and is healthy. As you can tell by the title of this card, im saying goodbye. Im just having a lot of issues in life, but im getting through them. I know I havent posted for well over awhile but I do go on here and I love reading every person's cards and whats going on in this wonderful community. Thank you to all that have still been here and keep tagging me in posts, I extremely appriciate it and super grateful for you guys/gals! You all really keep me up to date.
But before I go, who would like to know their BTS name? I got Park SeokGi, cute.

Let me know down in the comments what your name is.

Farewell my lovely community! Love you all
Kim Jigum
Jeon TaeJeon
be well! we'll still be here if you come back :)
Min Jihyung
Kim Taegi 😊
Kim jikook
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