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So theres ALOT of anime guys where im just like I WISH YOU WOULD LOVE ME FORVER!!!So I thought id share my top 10 here! :3
(went for one guy per anime coz otherwise Id be here all day)

Staz Charlie Blood: Blood lad❤

(yall know hes my absolute number 1..so he gets 3 pics for extra love)

Portgas D Ace: One piece❤

Black☆star: Soul Eater

Rin Okumura : Blue Exorcist

(I have zero regrets about this picture)

Taichi Kamiya :Digimon❤

(Childhood crush)

Nicolas Brown: Gangsta❤

Natus Dragneel :Fairy Tail❤

Yato :Noragami❤

Izuku Midoria :My hero academia❤

Killua Zoldyck: Hunter x Hunter❤

(in an ur the most adorable thing ive ever seen kinda way..)

Hope you like them! :3

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I have a thing for Staz, too!
yahsss! ( tho hes minee👿) u can take braz :p @AmazingAshley