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Hello all. It has been roughly 3 months since Amuse Released Their Newly formed Rock Band, and Cross Gene's little brothers. Over the course of the months, they have released many videos that keep fans on the edge of their seats, as well as earning them new ones.

They released their first song on Mar 21, 2017. You can find This song Alone, along with their others, on their first Mini Album, Escapism.

This is a BOP. I definitely do love this song. Along with this Music Video, they put out acoustic Versions of their non-title tracks.

~ All is Well ~

~ Fate ~

~ Inside of Me ~

~ Members:

These 5 guys are super precious. I have enjoyed following them and seeing their different personalities.

Vocals – Vin (빈)

Introduced by AZ: According to AZ:
Name: Vin

Birthday: March 25

Nickname: Marilyn Manson

Habit: Face palming YoonKim, says a forehead is what makes the impuses to slap, appear.

Interesting Fact: Tries to mimic any sound he hears.

Good Point: Funny Guy

Unexpected Point: Comes off as cold, but is truly kind hearted.

 Guitar – AZ

Introduced by Alan: According to Allen:
Name: AZ (Korean slang that means uncle and Menu)

Birthday: Jan 27

Nickname: Manager (Constantly checks in to see if everyone did their part, nags)

Habit: Anime

Interesting Fact: Trembling Hands

Good Point: Thorough with whatever he does.

Unexpected Point: Gets delirious at a certain time and thinks everything is funny, so he laughs a lot. Sounds like a crow when he laughs.

 Guitar – Alan (앨런)

Introduced By Vin: According to Vin:
Name: Alan

Birthday: April 23

Nickname: Darth Vader (Mouth Breather when sleeps), Stick, (AZ Mom compared him to a skewer)

Habit: Video Games & Cleaning, has OCD

Interesting Fact: Uses now a lot

Good Point: Neat and Bright

Unexpected Point: Never wakes up with alarm, heavy sleeper

Bass – Yoon Kim (윤 킴)

Introduced by J-One: According to J-One:
Name: Yoon Kim
Birthday: May 17
Nickname: Yoon Jjang
Habit: Kind of cute concept, Sleeping, Eats uncooked ramen for a snack,
Interesting Fact: Wired Habit, Lame joke King.
Good Point: Friendly (J-One thinks it's odd that he's so boring yet people love him)
Unexpected Point: Scaredy Cat.

 Drum – J-one (제이원)

Introduced by Yoon Kim: According to Yoon Kim:
Name: J-One

Birthday: September 19

Nickname: Big Cutie (Given by himself)

Habit: Blocking, Eating snacks while laying down

Interesting Fact: Drums on belly with hands, always asks "Did I" if he gets accused of something.

Good Point: Cooking, always has food.

Unexpected Point: Very, Very, VERY SHREWD

☆☆ Take note that with them just debuting, there's little information on them, but I will steadily update as they progress through their career. ♡

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