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due to potential language, and sensual content
Lead: Jackson Wang of Got7

You're woken after a 500 year sleep, by the blood of your long-lost love blood relative. When you come to the re-new world, you come to learn he even looks just like him. This time you refuse to lose him and do everything you can to keep him, as well as protect him, from the person that separated you both 500 years ago.
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~( Roselyn* POV)~


I could not go back to my office faster. I slam the redial button on my phone, once I was locked away safely. I was still trying to calm down from seeing Jackson walk into my cafe. He was staring right at me as if he knew me. "What happen now, Mei?"

Ren answer the phone with a hint of annoyance in her tone. "Wang Jackson is here in my Cafe in South Korea and he just saw me." I spoke calmly but was left in a moment of silences. "Okay for now pretend not to know him, or care about him. Push him away, we will have guards watching over him the moment he leaves." Ren was concern this time, as she gave me directions this time around.

"Alison said she would keep an eye on Erikson so for now just keep a distances from him." I agreed with her before hanging up and staying in my office as long as possible. When I did leave my office, I felt a pair of eyes on me. I did my best to ignore him, but he wasn't having that apparently. "Excuse me miss, but have I met you before?"

I looked over my shoulder to see Jackson talking to me. I knew it was me, cause all my staff on the floor was men for a moment. I just ignored him and kept talking to my management employee. "Wow that was cold, I only asked if we met. Not like I asked you out.... yet."

He was grinning at me as I raised an eyebrow at him. "Go away boy." I waved for him to go, but he just took a seat at the bar instead. I glared at Jackson before going back to talking shop with my employee. I noticed Jackson was doing something though, to try and gain my attention.

When I finished my conversation with the employee ended, I saw that Jackson had cover the counter with paper napkin origami flowers. My heart tighten as the memory of Bo came flashing back to me.

-flash back-
I had walked over to my room Bo had arrange for me to stay in. The room was covered in origami flowers in the shape of a heart. I couldn't help but smile at the site. With my hand over my mouth, tears rolled down my cheeks. "You weren't kidding when you said you weren't part of this world anymore."
I turn around to look over at Bo, while he came to whip away my tears. I noticed his sleeve turn red, as I realized that was my tears. "Its blood, you can smell the iron. But I do know these are tears. I'm just curious if they were from Joy or Sadness?"
Bo and I locked eyes before I moved in quickly and brush my lips against his own. Bo was surprised by my actions, but it was the result he wanted. His arms wrap around my waist, and pulled me into his complete embrace.
~end of flash back~

It was the same night that Bo had confessed his love for me. I felt the urge to cry coming over me, as I turn away to go back to my office. "Clean the counter." I order in English, before slamming the office door. I made it to my office in time for the tears to roll down my cheeks

I had moved swiftly though, to make sure no one noticed, I had taken one of the flowers. I just lid down my door and held it in my hand as I balled. I clean up my face once I was able to calm down, and locked away the flower in my safe. I wasn't expecting my memories to control my emotions. One memory had my heart aching so badly, it felt like I was being staked again.

I may be one of the oldest vampires, but my learning experiences was cut short. I wasn't able to learn how to make my emotions not be so strong. I did know how to hide it so very well. I just shook it off as best as I could, and get ready to do a bank earn. Basically getting my store ready for the next shift. The vampiric shift is what I liked to call it.

Since only vampire liked to work that shift. When I came out, jackson was at the counter talking to one of my employees. "Please at least tell her for me that I am sorry. I didn't mean to upset her." I took a deep breath in to calm my nerves as I moved to join them.

"Your more annoying than anything. I think its best you and your friends head out. If you keep this up, I will ban you from my cafe."

Jackson looked taken back by my words, when a light brown hair, young man came over. He pulled Jackson away, and bow to me. "I am sorry, I'll personally make sure he doesn't bother you anymore." He then had Jackson head out with the rest of his group. "Mark I swear though, that woman looks so familiar."

My attention darted straight to Jackson, as we instantly locked with each other. I felt my body refusing to take a breathe, as his eyes got wide. Everything around me had slow down, as everyone else expect for Jackson faded out. Something string like, that was red appear and we both looked at it, to see our left ring fingers connected to each end. The moment shatter the second Jackson was out of the building completely.

"Gi-Uk ssi (Korean Name for Roselyn) , are you okay?"

I looked over at my vampire manager, as I regain a grasp of reality. I just looked down at my hand and took a deep breath in. I was so screw, since the only time that happen before was when I was with Bo.

When I was still a fledgling Vampire.

Jackson was Bo .... Reborn....


~(Jackson POV)~


I sat down on the couch in our group apartment, as the others settle in. "Yo Jackson what got into you.. you never act up like that." Mark was crouching down in front of my, breaking my moment of spacing out. "I don't know but I feel like crap for annoying her." Mark squinted at me before moving to sit beside me.

"Dude she looked so familiar. So much so that I felt like someone else took over my body. I somehow knew how to make origami flowers. I haven't done that stuff since I was a teenager."

I looked over at Mark, and he looked just as puzzled as me. "Be honest, she looked familiar to me too." I was a bit caught off guard when he said he felt the same way. "You still have that photo from when we were at your parents?" Mark asked, as I nodded my head.

"I took a photo of it before my parents found out about it. I wanted to see if her grave site had other photos of her." I pulled up the photo in my phone, as Mark just stared at it. Our jaws had drop open, as it finally click in our heads who why she was familiar.

"What's wrong with you two..."

JB came over to us, making us snap out of our shock. I held up the phone so JB could see what we were seeing. "HOLY! That the manager of Old England!" JB shouted, while he pointed at my phone, looking shocked as us. The others came running over to look as well. JB had taken my phone from me, whilst I recalled the moment I had before leaving.

I looked down at my left hand to see the red string again, just this time. It was wrap around my finger like a ring. I try to take it off, but it wasn't even letting me touch it. "Yah..." YoungJae grabbed my arms to stop me. "What's wrong? Why do you keep scratching at your hand."

I looked from YoungJae, back to my hand, to only see the red string gone. "Its nothing." I pulled my arms free and stood up. "Um... I think its best I just go get some sleep from now." I headed to bed since we were going to have to wake up soon. There was this famous producer that wanted to meet us.

I took my phone back, and went straight to my room. I plopped myself down on top of the covers, and snuggled my pillow. I fell asleep staring at the photo and was sure it was her.

'Bo! .... Bo!'
'Bo!!... Jiaer!'

I shot up from my bed in a cold sweat, and so happen to throw my phone across the room with the pillow. "FUCK!" I got up and ran over to make sure that my phone didn't break, when Mark came running into my room. "Jackson! You okay?!" I looked up at Mark, after dusting off my phone.

"Yeah, sorry, its just apparently I just woke up from a nightmare. It resulted in me waking up startled, and tossing my pillow with my phone at the wall over here."

I sighed relieved that my phone was okay, after hitting the wall and floor. "You gonna be okay now?" I just nodded my head as I saw the time on my phone. "I'm gonna go wash up, so we can see the producer today on time." It didn't take us that long to get ready for the day.

It was technically a lazy day at work. So we didn't have to dress to fancy for anyone. Just dress as if we were going to rehearsals. Once we were at JYP, our manager guided us to go see the producer in the studio. When we enter an man that looked like he was American turn to face us.

"Pleasure to meet you all finally. I've heard great things about you from JYP."

My head started hurting me as the images of my nightmare flash before me. It was as if it was a memory. Yet I know it wasn't my own. The man in the chair was holding the woman that own the cafe. He was shoving something wood inside of her, as the fire engulf me inside a building.


The room then went dark before going black, as I passed out and hit the ground. The person calling our the name Bo was so haunting my heart was aching for that person. My mind put two and two together as I was unconscious.

The woman in the photo was alive and running a cafe...

The producer is the one that seem to have been killing her in the memory...

And my great great great great great grandfather was REBORN inside of ME...

.to be continue

= ^-^ = Hope you enjoy the chapter ..... See you next tuesday for next Chapter
*She will have 3 names... Chinese - Mei Raun| English - Roselyn Hope | Korean - Gu Ki Raun
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