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Just sharing the speculations so we can talk about it here!

1. Bambam, who has gone back to Thailand this past week, recently left a comment on his own old photo with an emoji of a hand waving.

2. He updated his twitter bio with the same.
3. In a recent fansign the boys were apparently very emotional and kept telling the fans that the boys, as 7, will run forward together in the future.

4. Jackson's new studio in China, JJP comeback, and Jingyoung's new drama.

At the time of his next birthday, Bambam is old enough to be drafter to the mandatory Thai army service. Their system consists of random drawing of cards, and does not take into account special status as an idol. (In Korea you can push back your time if you have special circumstances)

So many people think that Bambam doing voluntary enlistment, which lasts for 6 months as opposed to the 2 years he would do if he was drafted.

So does this mean the end of GOT7? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

The absolute most that this means is a hiatus of either GOT7 as a whole or just Bambam for a time. Personally, I think it would be really smart of JYP to send Bambam to volunteer for 6 months rather than risk random drafting.

Again, this is completely unconfirmed but for those (like me) who didn't know about the Thai military, I thought it was interesting!

No matter what's going on, GOT7 fighting!

I used to date a Thai guy before he reached the age of the draft and told me all about it. There is NOTHING you can do about it, the way they select is by grabbing a red or black ticket from a bucket. If you get red you're drafted for 2 years, black means no service. It's really stressful and scary. There's dangerous deadly spats happening in Thailand between the north/south and now that there is a new king (whose father was loved by the people but himself is not the best), the people are on their toes. Thai Army service is not prolonged boot camp like in Korea, they are on the ground with guns very often and men die. It's definitely better to do the 6 months than risk going for 2 years. Let's hope he volunteers and is given a good position! Since he speaks 3 languages they might put him somewhere Intel instead of infantry ~~~
@stevieq @biancadanica98 totally, the risk is too great!
Yes it's a big risk
I heard about this a couple months ago and I agree. He should volunteer for the 6 months opposed to the 2 years.
I didn't know that the Thai government did this. It would be wise to volunteer for six months while everyone else in Got7 is kinda doing their own things. Then they can continue promotions after he returns. It isn't a big loss. Especially if they do a quick little something before he leaves; that way, six months wouldn't seem like an unrealistic break for a group before another comeback
well that would get him back in time for the Japan tour in December and he may have done the physicals when he was visiting around the time he went for the opening of B'chill. Guess we will have to wait and see. in any case I love the idea of unit and solo work as I am confident they will only come back even better as seven.
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