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this....we need to talk.
I feel really bad for Wale to be in this position. @/yixjoon is an stan for ONLY Lay and Rap Mon which is really disappointing as fck
really upsetting ya know? Just imagine if BTS x The Chainsmokers and this happens? It ain't cool. Obviously, this person (people) are trying to get attention. It was an honor that Wale gets to work with Rap Mon but look, shit apparently gone down, it happening again.
Yeah i never got the vibe that Change was RM's song or Wale's song, but that it was BOTH of theirs, and I thought it sounded awesome as a collaboration piece.
They are adults who can make their own decisions. The fans matter but ones that feel they control these situations are not true loving fans. Poor Namjoon for having "control freaks" try and run his show. Poor Wale for getting mixed up and insulted by these "control freaks"/clearly immature drama babies. Will it ever end? Hopefully this won't cause an problems between them and just be something on the internet. 😧😬
why are people like that...?
I'm so pissed, what the actual f*ck ? I love the collab between Wale and Namjoon. "Change" was amazing and so damn good it was stuck in my head for months. I truly enjoy BTS collaborating with other people, and I especially don't feel that the whole credit goes to BTS. Even BTS FEELS THAT WAY. THEY ARE EXTREMELY HONORABLE AND HAVE SUCH RESPECT TO EVERY ARTIST THEY WANT TO COLLAB WITH. SO WHERE THE HELL ARE THESE FANS GETTING THE IDEA THAT THEY THINK OTHERWISE?!?!????? Gosh this is annoying.
excuse my language but, what the hell! Seriously some armies make me so made wale co-oped with joonie way before bts became "famous". The upsets me so much.
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