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this....we need to talk.
I feel really bad for Wale to be in this position. @/yixjoon is an stan for ONLY Lay and Rap Mon which is really disappointing as fck
really upsetting ya know? Just imagine if BTS x The Chainsmokers and this happens? It ain't cool. Obviously, this person (people) are trying to get attention. It was an honor that Wale gets to work with Rap Mon but look, shit apparently gone down, it happening again.
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I looked them up. this is loco. yixjoon said she apologized but why would you even tweet that ish anyways. Namjoon was so happy to work with Wale. True ARMYS can see that. smh! I don't think that chick is a true ARMY let alone a real Kpop fan by looking at her profile.
this is so sad... Wale doesn't deserve this... our boys don't deserve this. let Bangtan live people! 😭💔
I mean, I'm not a fan of Wale but that's totally rude, you don't have control over what him and Rap Monster do, they can collaborated if they want. I really hope Wale didn't take that really personally, he shouldn't have to stop collabing with an artist like Rap Mon just because some fans got butthurt.
I hope this doesn't have a negative impact on their collaborations in the future.Just because one person doesn't know how to stfu.At the end of the day this person isn't one of Namjoon's fans.Because a genuine fan wouldn't try to hurt someone they cared about,and wouldn't want them to loose relationships and connections that are of value to them.Its not a bad thing that BTS grows and gets exposure,it's amazing.I want BTS to be able to look at their English speaking fan base as amazing.I don't want them to have a bad taste in their mouth twords us.So really wish all of this bullshit would stop.
I dont know why people are dissing Wale! like he made a awesome ass song with Namjoon and its just not right to make fun of someone just because he made a song with a kpop idol like thats just messed up!