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The weekend came quickly. She arrived early with her tools and some of the crew. She choose her chair and left her stuff on the vanity. She looked over the makeup palettes and wigs. Each of them labeled for a particular actor.

“You made it!” She heard her boss said as he walked up to her.

She waved and smiled, “Yes, I did. Can't wait for things to get started. Am I assigned to anyone in particular or is it a free for all?”

Her boss looked at his clipboard, “I actually have you assigned to Kim Junmyeon. Is that okay? He's very particular and you're usually pretty good with people like that. The last time I had someone take care of him, he about fired them. You'll be pretty much be following him around. Are you ready?”

“Wow… thank you for believing in my abilities. I'll try not to let you down.” Jae said.

“Good. He'll be sitting over there.” Her boss pointed to an empty chair across the way. “I guess that's the chair he wants to sit in… And did you study the time period I suggested?”

“I did, thank you. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't looked into it. They said it was a period drama but they never said what time period or dynasty. I would've totally butchered the makeup and hair.” She laughed.

She gathered her stuff and went over. She laid out her things. Then she went over to the circle of people gathering around the coffee pots. Got some coffee and was chatting with other staff members. She looked away for a few seconds, or it seemed like a few seconds, and when she glanced over at her new station, she seen someone sitting in the chair. She dropped her coffee into trash and ran over.

“Sorry. I didn't even see you come over.” She said getting the cover sheet out and wrapped it around Junmyeon, being careful not to disturb his costume. He lifted his chin for her to pull the sheet around his neck while he played on his phone. His eyes were glued to the screen. His thumbs tapping away every now and then.

She tilted his head up, wiping his face clean. Then patted the primer on. His eyes never left his phone screen even as she turned his head this way and that to add foundation. When she went to apply the eyeliner, she couldn't angle her hand correctly. She looked at his phone, then to him, waiting to see if he'll put it down. But nothing.

“You're going to have to put that down for a few minutes” she said. He still did nothing except lift his head up a bit. “No. I said you need to put your phone down.”

He made a mean face. “You're a professional, work around it.”

Jae shook her head, unbelievable. She snatched his phone away, tilted his head up, and applied the eyeliner as quickly as possible.

Junmyeon stared at her as she leaned over him. He was ready to scold her until he looked into her pretty green eyes. Her hair pulled into a ponytail and clamped down to keep from falling into her face. She had skin like Kai and round lips like his.

“There, all done.” She gave his phone back to him.

She stepped back and waited for the director and producer to come over. She seen them coming with her boss. She happen to look at Junmyeon, who was still gazing at her. She quickly picked up a brush and dusted his cheek.

She bowed as soon as the director and producer walked up to them. The director turned Junmyeon towards him, examining his face. Junmyeon strained his eyes trying to keep his eyes on her.

“Very good. Looks good. Exactly what I needed.” He looked at Jae, “That's good work. Let's keep it up throughout. Let's get the wig on. Junmyeon, you rehearsed your lines? I really appreciate that you tried to make it to as many rehearsals as possible, especially with your busy schedule.” He patted Junmyeon on the shoulder.

Junmyeon finally tore his eyes away and looked at the director, trying to catch up on the conversation.

“Yes, I've been rehearsing them for the past month.” He said. The director nodded, telling him good, before walking away. Junmyeon turned in his chair but she was gone. He looked around the room, he searched every face from his chair. He wondered to himself if he'd just been seeing things.

He sat back in his chair. He got back on his phone, he was watching the media feed for the play, checking on upcoming group activities, he checked in with a manager about the schedule next week, he was texting Sehun and Lay in China while they were doing their filming there. He didn't even notice when someone came back until he felt something on his head. He looked up and seen a hairstylist fitting extensions to the back of his head and then a head band to wrap around his head to hide where the to wig with a ponytail attached to it, meet with the extensions.

“Where did the other one go?” He asked

The hair stylist raised his eyebrows, “What's that?” he asked gently combing strands of hair in place and spraying it down with hairspray.

“The one that did my makeup?” he replied.

“Oh, her, she'll be right back. She had to go find something.” He answered.

So he sat patiently. He watched in the mirror as the hairstylist combed and adjusted the wig. Then he seen her come walking up from behind. He had to blink as she got closer, she was everything he had seen. She was pretty beyond words. He swallowed hard. He could feel his face getting hot.

“Why are you sweating?” She said to him. She grabbed a clean cloth and dabbed the sides of his face. “I'll find a fan, can't have you getting all sweaty.” She reapplied some powder around his face where the stylist had been working. She turned him towards her, examining the finish results. She tapped her lips, thinking. She ran her fingers through the extensions, bringing them forward to frame his face.

The stylist came around, looking at him too, “Looks good. What do you think?”

“Are these the right extensions? Shouldn't they be longer?” She said still playing with them.

“No, they're the right ones. He’s not playing a prince, just a swordsman for hire.” The hairstylist said adjusting the ponytail a bit, “you know we could actually put some color into it if we wanted.”

Junmyeon stared directly at her but she seemed to not notice how he was staring.

Jae stepped back. “You're very handsome. You look just like a prince, even if you're not playing one.”

She pulled the cover off him, he stood up slowly so not to ruffle his costume too much. He stood over her, letting her reapply a little lip color.

“What's your name?” He asked.

She looked up at him, a little surprised, “It's Jae. You can call me Jae, Kim Junmyeon-ssi”

“Don't call me that, just call me Junmyeon.”

Her mouth curled in the corner, “I think while we work, we can keep it professional.”

“You know who I am?” He asked.

“I do… Suho of EXO. I know who you are.” She smiled and put her hand out for him to go first.

The week seemed to pass by too quickly.

Junmyeon spoke to her everyday. He would ask her how was the scene, if he said his line right while he waited for his cue. He found her refreshing with her honesty but never took it seriously unless the director or the producer said something. He would only be working for this week. The play was a two week deal, part one the first week, then part two the second week. His character was due to die in part two. He had one more scene to play then he was jetting off to Shanghai for a couple days.

“You are aware that I won't be here until next week, right?” He asked.

She was wiping his makeup off, “I am. They gave me your schedule. While you're gone, I'll be assisting the others.”

He smiled, “Are you going to miss me?” He laughed a little thinking it was funny.

“Sir, it has been a pleasure working with you. So yes, I am” she laughed watching his face turn red.

“Good.” he said still blushing and laughing nervously.


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Awwww, Junmyeon being all shy