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So, I'm sure that most of you all have heard of B.I.G but in case you haven't or possibly missed their most recent comeback, I wanted to talk about their debut song called Hello and their new comeback song called Hello Hello. So I've known about B.I.G for about a year now, but hadn't checked them out until I watched them recently on After School Club ☺️ Debut:
So, honestly this is a bit of a silly song but it is super catchy and was one of my favorite songs back in July of last year. B.I.G debuted in 2014 and are currently one of my favorite groups ☺️ Benji stole my heart. Changkyun might have some competition 😂😅 only half joking. Recent Comeback:
If it hadn't been for After School Club notifying me about B.I.G and just my plain old curiosity to watch the show that day, I probably still would have no idea about this song. This comeback was a little over a month ago on May 23rd, and has been one of my everyday songs to listen to. No joke. It's taken over my life. They've taken over my life 😂 and I'm not complaining because they are a fantastic group and need more love! Current song on repeat:
If I was at school right now, my best friend would probably want to murder me 😅 the other night I did dishes with this song on repeat for like 30 minutes. I am obsessed. Like why didn't I look into more of their songs after my friend showed me their debut song! They are such a good group! Please stan b.i.g! They need all the love and support we can round up ☺️! ♤Up10tion Squad @starbell808 @awkwardjazzy @ChaErica @AimeeH @kenyamendoza @changkyunie @purplicious613 Gorilla Mod Squad @awkwardjazzy @ChaErica @YulaGyeom @JiyongLeo @yehetmyohorat97 @xoxorittie @Changkyunie @MelissaGarza @AlexisJ15 @Infinitysky @KenyaMendoza *~•BBC Bumblebees Mod taglist•~* @monbebearmybbc @Changkyunie @yehetmyohorat97 @KenyaMendoza @awkwardjazzy @cns1391 @TheEnlightment ☆ Champion Mod Squad: ☆ @yehetmyohorat97 - MOD @ChaErica @awkwardjazzy @Changkyunie @IsoldaPazo @MonbebeArmyBBC @cns1391 ♡ Beautiful Monbebe Taglist: ♡ @MaeLyn @xoxorittie @Helixx @Starbell808 @KenyaMendoza @KaiLuhan4Ever @QueenPandaBunny @sukkyongwanser @Baekyeol27 @MaggieHolm @karinamiranda81 @EleanorKriegel @jessicalista @axosrain @MelissaGarza @JasminMartinez @JiyongLeo @Lexxcisco @EvilGenius @MaggieHolm @JaxomB @VeronicaArtino @kandle779 @Keldra @MonieManhiM @MsLoyalHeart @NadineEsquivel @KatieRussell •BBC Taglist• @Helixx @mitchix5 @melissaGarza @karlinamiranda81 @turntuptae @awkwardjazzy @AlexisJ15 @InfinitySky @stmarlene @SimplyAwkward @PolarStarr @AimeeH @BBxGD @mochihappiness Universe Tag list: @Josyy7 @ZephyrBlaze @Helixx @SweetDuella @SugakookieV @IsoldaPazo @CrystalBlunt @KarenGuerra93 @LemonLassie @InfinitySky @mitchix5 @Sailynn @AimeeH @EvilGenius @ibMIMI @Starbell808 @karinamiranda81 @sukkyongwanser @KpopBeat @Viresse @ImHayley @KierstinAndrews @JasminMartinez @Starbell808 @SierraBecerra @CrookedShadow @PolarStarr @MaeLyn @ColorMeKihyun