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Jae waited outside the dorm, keeping the a/c on so that it was nice and cool when he got in. He would call her when he was ready to go. She was usually on her way when he called so that she got there within minutes. It surprised her that he let her take his car overnight but he reminded her that he could call her day or night and would be very upset if she was late.

He was taking longer than usual this morning. She called him to remind him she was waiting but he didn't pick up. As a matter of fact, he never called to tell her he was ready. She looked at her watch, it was getting late. She didn't want to defy his order to stay out of and away from the dorm. That was his own condition after dinner that night, when she dropped him off, he told her...no...he ordered her to never come into the dorm. She asked him why, he said they had noonas before that worked for them but they ran away after a while on account that sometimes one or two of the boys would get involved with them. He didn't want that to happen to her.

She called him again. He still didn't pick up. It was the last day but they wanted everyone there to do a photoshoot, she didn't want him to miss it. She debated and finally decided it must be done, she turned the car off.

She walked up to the front door and knocked. No one answered. She pulled the car keys out of her pocket, looking at each of them. She figured the third was the door key. She tried it, the lock clicked and she turned the knob.

There was the smell of coffee in the air. In front of her there were two sets of stairs, one going down, the other going up. The tv was on, she could hear it coming from the level down below. To the left, there was a hallway with stairs at the end of it. She went down and found what looked like a kitchen so she went up and saw what looked like the living room. She walked down the hall and went up the stairs slowly. It turned and went up another level before she came to another hall. There were six doors.

Upon opening the first door, she could see a pair of long legs hanging off the edge of a bed. There was snoring coming from the bed by the window. She closed the door slowly.

This wasn't going to work, she thought, the rooms were too dark. Then she got a brilliant idea. She pulled her phone out and called Junmyeon, she opened the door again but didn't hear anything, so she went to the next room, nothing. She re-dialed and opened the third door and heard it vibrating on the nightstand. She tiptoed over and nudged him.

β€œKim Junmyeon-ssi” she whispered. She nudged him again. She froze when she heard someone go walking by the door, yawning very loudly. β€œKim Junmyeon-ssi!” She whispered, nudging him even harder. That was when she heard it.

Over in the other bed, she heard someone moaning softly. The second she looked at him, she couldn't tear her eyes away. He was so beautiful. He slept like a baby holding onto a pillow for comfort. In a most comical way, she seen a halo of light around him. Before she knew it, she was standing over him, staring down at the youngest of the nine. His skin was so smooth like a god and as pale as moonlight... she wanted to touch him. Why hadn't she noticed him before...

She felt a hand grab her arm and pull her out of the room. Junmyeon pulled her back down stairs to the front door and shoved her out.

β€œWait in the car!β€œ he said before slamming the door. He was mad, he said it through gritted teeth. She knew why, she disobeyed his orders and entered his domain.

Waiting for him, she thought about just giving him his car back, now that she ruined it for herself by not listening to him.

She felt her face turn hot even under the a/c. That kid's face popped into her head. She never really looked at them even though she worked for their company. Only took a glance at a couple group photos so that she would know Junmyeon is fellow members faces but it would seem she never really LOOKED at them, or else she would have noticed him. She actually tried to avoid getting into the whole kpop phenomenon thing. She closed her eyes and shook her head, she was definitely going to stay away now. Her time with Junmyeon was over after today anyhow.

And she definitely didn't want to run into that kid. That's what he was, a kid. From what she remembered Junmyeon telling her, that kid was 10 years younger than her. She would never date anyone that young, at least not again. He was off limits, they all were. She banged her head on the steering wheel, trying to get his face out of her head.


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Well shit, if that's how she first met Sehun, I'm somewhat afraid to find out how she met Kai πŸ˜‚
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Oh damn!!!!