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Sofia Coppola réalise la dernière pub de Marni chez H&M
La réalisatrice Sofia Coppola a accepté de mettre en images un clip pour promouvoir la dernière collection de Marni, en vente dans les boutiques H&M. Les vêtements ont une histoire. Ils sont associés à des personnes ou à des événements. La robe blanche à volants de Marilyn est entrée dans la légende, tout comme on se souvient de l’ample robe Lanvin de Beyoncé après qu’elle a annoncé sa grossesse. Pour la prochaine publicité de la collection Marni, distribuée par H&M, Sofia Coppola s’est efforcée de forger une histoire pour les vêtements de la marque italienne. Et parce que les récits d’amour et de peine sont toujours les plus beaux, elle a mis en scène une jeune fille, interprétée par la Britannique Imogen Poots, face aux tracas de l’amour, alors qu’elle fait la connaissance d’un beau brun ténébreux pendant ses vacances au Maroc. La réalisatrice a voulu se démarquer de ce qui se faisait habituellement pour s’adapter au style Marni : « Ils ont leur propre regard sur la mode, qui ne ressemble à aucun autre, et ils se démarquent vraiment », explique-t-elle dans le making-of du clip. Mais est-ce que ce n’est pas une forme de déclassement pour une réalisatrice de films de tourner des pubs pour du prêt-à-porter ? « J’ai été très heureuse de parler de ce projet avec H&M parce que je n’avais jamais travaillé autour de la mode avant et quand ils m’ont dit que c’était pour Marni, ça m’a semblé être un projet intéressant », rétorque la fille de Francis Ford Coppola. Avec des plans qui ne sont pas sans rappeler ceux de son dernier film, Somewhere, et qui évoquent parfois ceux de Virgin Suicides, la réalisatrice se dit « contente » de réussir à faire passer une multitude de messages sans que le moindre mot soit prononcé. source :
Yves Saint Laurent's New Neutralizer Will Rock Your Dark Circle Filled World
I am obsessed with under-eye hi-lighters, probably because I have what is known as "a little death around the eyes". Honestly, if eye brightener and color correcting products didn't exist, I'd look like a dead person. Though I'm still in my early twenties, I've experienced enough sleeplessness for a lifetime, and every once in a while a product comes along that makes those effects nearly invisible. Yves Saint Laurent is a luxury brand, and at 38 dollars a pop, this isn't an affordable product for everyone. Luckily, I was selected to try it gratis, which is pretty badass. Anway, thanks to Influenster and YSL themselves I now have it in my hot little hands. By the way, if you were wondering what kind of makeup supermodel Cara DeLevigne wears, it's YSL. And it can make you look like a model too. First of all, the packaging is to DIE for. That gold box is something that is every make-up junkie's dream. Plus, the Neutralizer isn't too shabby either. I received the Violet package, which is the formula for us girls on the transparent side of pale. Seriously, the product is light enough to hi-light on my ghostly pallor, which is pretty impressive. Most of the time, the hi-lighters I buy end up matching my skin tone and blending in, but not this one. Okay, so excuse everything, but I thought I'd do this without foundation just so you can see exactly what this product does. So beforehand we have something I like to call the "crypt keeper" eye. I have massive eyes, to the point where even if I don't have dark circles, the massive eyeball I have creates shadows, so unfortunately that never goes away. We've got the dark circle here too, so it's a double whammy of unfortunate. All of that being said, I took these photos in natural light so you can see exactly what it looks like. No fancy camera, no editing. I took the product and used the brush on the end as the applicator. First I made some little dots and then decided to apply it like a regular hi-light. For me the under eye area extends out toward the temple. If I'm doing some extreme contouring I'll extend this line into a triangular shape, but instead of that I just wanted to focus on the dark / shadowy part of my eye, to get the base illumination. So, aside from the shadow my own eye casts on my face, after blending with a stippling brush I definitely saw a difference. Right above the cheek bones the lightness is remarkable. In person, this makes me look so much more rested! And last night was a sleepless one, so it's amazing that literally anything changed. I also blended it a bit into the inner corner, and wow did that brighten things up! Final Verdict: Formula -- 9/10 -I loved the creamy formula that came out of the YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizer. It's perfect for people with dry skin. It's soft and hydrating and left my skin feeling smooth. Plus the little flecks of shimmer add even more dimension. Application -- 8/10 -I usually really like the brush applicator tips, but found that this product blends much easier with the addition of a small stippling brush. No matter though, either application works well! Finish: -- 9/10 My eyes have never looked brighter underneath! I usually use the MAC Eye Brightener, but this seems to do the job a bit better. With heavier coverage and none of the weight, the YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizer was a serious improvement to my normal eye routine. Total: 26/30 I highly recommend this product to anyone who is struggling with those pesky under-eye circles. Have you guys tried any products like this? The YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizer is available on and features 3 shades, perfect for all types of skin tones.