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Cold empty chairs on the empty table, he showed me, Boxing awaiting candles, and unopened wine, he weeps, “Son”, he says, “Even after losing a leg, I stand strong and proud”, Kept himself sitting in the wheelchair, heart beating so profound, With smile on his lips, and tears in his eyes, He told me all about the haunting true lies, Dusted glasses, creased maps, pictures safe from the time, He told me about his brethren, about his brothers and child, “I was saved from the redemption, saved for salvation, This is where we last met alive, where we stood on our legs, with heads high, Now, they stay six feet under this very room, under this very table, Where I intend them to join, where I buried them with my bare hands” He told me all, and showed me his plan, showed me the smiles of his brothers, And sang me their revolution, drew me into his past of smothers, They were convicted as vigilante for society, and soldiers for the poor, For people from the gutter, from people with no one to share, They were mistaken for foes, and named “Dangerous Barricades”, They fought together, sang, drank and danced, but he couldn’t die with them, “Heroes”, that’s what the winners called themselves, He cried, not for the lack of a leg, but the loss of his brethren, Humanity was what they fought for, and lost in the end, “Protection”, “Honor”, “Pride”, “Safety”, and “Respect”, These chants, they used in the opposition, to cast their spells, He told me how “True Lies” won in the end, and nobody saw the bigger picture, “We were casted from our castles, and taken our lives away, Now, I sit here, with you, my son, and these empty chairs, I sit with the phantoms of my brothers laying down the room, Sleeping under the table, rejoicing in the heaven, where I join them” He left, sleeping calmly, in that wheelchair, And I warmed the empty cold chair in the empty table.