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Hello everyone!~ Today let's talk about how I see Chani being as a boyfriend~ I've never made one of these posts before so I'll do my best!~

• I can see Chani not really being a cute and clingy boyfriend as much as he tries to be a manly and protective boyfriend~
• Really though, I see him as kind of a jealous type :p
• Not as much 'you can't talk to other boys!!1!!!1!!' as much as silent glaring when one of the boys is being clingy to you :')
• lmfao god forbid like if Rowoon would go in for a hug, like 'hahaHAHAHA HEY SWEETIE I'M SO HAPPY WE'RE HUGGING NOW' just like Intercepting the hug if you get me, like walking directly in between you two like sandwiched in there
• And the other guy just like 'smh this kid'
• But he doesn't get touchy all that often so you take what you can get ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

• But just because he doesn't hug you all that much or whatever doesn't mean he doesn't love skinship
• Quite the contrary actually :')
• For example if you try to give him a smooch on the cheek he'd probably lean away and say something like 'Stop it~~~', but he'd be blushing because he just loves this kind of thing so much bless him
• He'd love making you blush all the time too though
• Like if you don't like being teased then you have to try SO HARD to never blush in front of him because he will never let that thing die
• But he'd also know where to draw the line, like he wouldn't tease you about any insecurities or something that REALLY embarrassed you if that makes sense
• Like he'll tease you about being a messy eater or smth but idk if you pulled a Sehun and mixed up two idols (pls never let the Johnny vs Jeonghan thing die) he'd never speak of it <3

• He really seems like an old soul to me. Even though he's only a 2000 liner, he's really mature, and he can handle himself.
• If you were older than him you'd never know it and not just bc of his voice deeper than the Great Barrier Reef;;;
• But because he'd take care of you as if it weren't so
• He'd buy you gifts, like if they went to Japan he'd probably bring home some Pocky or smth
• He'd always pay for dinner
• Just stuff like that :')

• Overall, Chani is 50% manliness and protectivness and 50% shy beb
• But he's 100% about you and only you
• And also 100% gentleman :')

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed, but please keep in mind that I'm obviously not going to be 100% accurate to his personality since I don't know him :') but I tried my best!~ I'll see you soon!

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He's still a baby....i can't see him any other way yet.