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Chapter 2

I watched her chest rise and fall as she slept peacefully next to me. To say I loved her was an understatement. She was the only one for me, and I would do anything to be with her forever. I glanced at the clock, then back at her. I didn't deserve her. Not one bit. I've been lying to her face for the 4 years we've been dating. And not a small lie, a massive one. She had no idea I was paid to complete "jobs" for people, most involving a crime of some sort. I would probably be sentenced to a lifetime of jail if I were caught for all the crimes I've committed.
But I don't get caught. I stared at myself in the mirror as I brushed my teeth. My clients never see my face, hear my voice, or know my name, and vice versa. That's how I've built up trust and a name for myself in the industry. Even the private company I work for doesn't know anything about me. Only my partner, a master hacker and the brain behind all of my missions, knows about my life. I would be nothing without him. I changed into a navy suit before quietly closing the bedroom door and heading to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and took out the packed lunch my girlfriend made for me the night before. I smiled to myself thinking about the time and work she put into making my lunches every day. The smile quickly fell into a frown. She deserved so much better. I started up the coffee maker and filled it with her favorite coffee so it would be ready for her when she woke up. I slipped on my dark brown dress shoes before heading out the door to begin the day’s work.
“How much are we getting for this job again?” I grumbled.

“Double what we got for the last one we did.”
“This is worth triple that amount. How can this even be considered a job?”
“We don’t question the clients. As long as they pay us, we’ll do anything for them, within reason.”
“This isn’t within reason. I’ve been watching their dog sleep for 3 hours. They do realize a pet sitter is much cheaper, right?” The client’s instructions were to watch their dog while they went to the grocery store, and record any unusual activity. They believed their dog “turned human” when they left the house.
“They just turned into the alley.” Finally. I jumped from the tree I was stationed in and headed towards the black SUV with heavily tinted windows. “You’ve got one more job, and this one will be a little more interesting.” I scrolled through the details of the mission that had appeared on the center screen in the car. This job was more up my alley. I glanced at the clock positioned in the left corner of my glasses. 5:30. I had 30 minutes until it was go time.
“Alright I’m heading towards the destination.”

“They’ve hired top-class security, so it’d be best to get in and get out before they realize what’s hit them.” I nodded. Sneak in, grab the hard drive, get out. Seemed easy enough. I pulled the black turtleneck up to cover my mouth, and pulled the hood of my black jacket over the black cap on my head. I parked a few blocks away from the building and quickly exited the car.

“What’s the best way to go in?”

“They’ve got every door guarded and under surveillance. The conference room where the USB will be brought to is on the 11th floor near the stairs. There’s an entrance to the air vents on the roof. Enter through that and I’ll guide you from there.” I climbed the wall of the building I was near and began to jump from roof to roof.

“So, top-class security doesn’t think to guard the roof? How rookie a mistake.”

“I wouldn’t label them as pushovers just yet. They might have something up their sleeves.” I popped open the gate to the air vent. “Don’t go in yet.” I ducked behind one of the steel cylinders and waited for the ‘OK’. I heard my partner snort. “They have motion detectors set up in the vents. We could have a little fun with this.” I knew where this was going. I looked around and spotted a chunk of wood on the ground.

“How many do you think they’ll send up here,” I smirked.

“They’ve got 18 men positioned throughout the building. The two guarding the front door and the two guarding the conference room door will most likely remain there. So at most, 14 men?”

“Toss the wood, wait for them to arrive, sneak through the door, and lock them up on the roof?”

“Unless the other men leave their positions, no one will be able to unlock the door. Sounds good to me.” I flipped the chunk of wood in my hands a few times, looking around to find the perfect hiding spot.
“Alright, here goes nothing.” I tossed the wood into the vent and positioned myself behind the door. They wouldn’t see me when they opened it, and I would be able to sneak in quickly and quietly.
“Just as we thought. They’re making their way up here. 10 men.” I waited for them to arrive.

“Let me know when.” A couple moments passed before I could hear the sounds of footsteps running up the stairs.

“Now.” The door burst open and 9 men came barreling through onto the roof, guns in hand. One must be guarding the door. I slipped around the open door and into the staircase. I swiftly shut the door and locked it. The man guarding the staircase looked at me in surprise, but couldn’t react fast enough. I knocked him out and took his clothes before taking off down the stairs. I changed into the security uniform and hid my clothes in the janitor’s closet.
“The 4 remaining men are stationed outside the air vent gates inside the building. They’re going to realize it was a trick pretty quickly, so we've got to work fast.”
“How can I get into the conference room?”
“Power outage. The control room is on the 12th floor. I’ll take care of the cameras.” I made my way to the 12th floor and towards the control room.
“The door is locked by a code.”

“Give me sec.” I heard the door click and quickly entered the room. “Plug your phone into the big machine at the very end.” I followed through and watched the progress quickly reach 100% as my partner gained access to the buildings control panel from his computer.
“Ok head to the conference room. Pretend to help escort the people out of the room during the blackout. Grab the USB and get out of there as discreetly as you can.” The lights went out and I jumped into action. I ran towards the conference room where the two men were stationed.
“It’s not safe here, we have an intruder. We need to escort them out of the building.” I could faintly see the two of them nod through the darkness. We entered the conference room and one of the men informed the guests of the plan. My eyes darted around the room, my glasses helping me see in the dark. I located the USB at the end of the table and quickly headed towards it. I pretended to escort the nearby man out while my hand discreetly grabbed the USB and replaced it with a similar, blank one. We left the conference room last and started walking towards the building entrance.

“They called me for back-up, go with the men up there,” I whispered to the man. He nodded and continued walking. I took off towards the stairs and quickly found my clothes, changing back into them.

“You won’t be able to get out through the roof. The other men are still up there.”
“All I have to do is unlock the door and wait for them to come running out and down the stairs. I’m sure they’ve received orders to go to the entrance of the building.” I heard him sigh.

“It’s worth a shot.” I made my way to the roof and unlocked the door before jumping up the wall and hiding above the door. The door flew open as the 9 men took off down the stairs, not even noticing their knocked-out compadre.

“Too easy,” I smirked. “These sticky gloves really come in handy.” I headed towards my car, jumping from roof to roof. I released a huge breath of air as soon as I got into the car and locked the door.
“The USB is safe. The president has it in his possession.” I had forgotten about the headpiece I had taken from the guard. How strange. They must have a woman on their team. That was a first.

“Mother Hen we’ve secured the guests. Do you copy?” Mother Hen? What kind of code name was that?

“Copy. Let’s move out.” I froze. Hana?

I've decided to write about I.M for this story! Hope you guys like it!