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I'm not sure if I said this before

But I love you guys! All the mods and people in the community!

I also love

How supportive you all are! It makes me happy to see you guys responding to other Vingler's cards and

When I started

I didn't think a lot of you would like my card game "
that Pokémon!" I was very surprised to see people liked the game

It's because of you guys I'm where I'm at now!

very glad I met all of you and would never change that for anything

Thank you everyone for all of your support ! Pokémon Tag Crew!

Awwwww! we love you too! I love participating in your cards and reading everyone's funny comments😁😀😄
Thank you so much! It is very interesting to see what others say....I love reading "vulpix " then the other be "9 tails" i just live ts not the same
I LOVE U TO GURL! I dont come on here often but you know I just can't resist saying "BATMAN!" on almost every 'Who's that Pokemon?' card
I always love reading the comments! It makes my day