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Hey everyone! In this card, I'm gonna tell everyone the story of how I got into Pentagon!~

It all started in October 2016~ The voting had just opened for The annual Mama awards, and since I didn't stan any of the rookie boy groups nominated for the Best Male Rookie Award (NCT, Astro, KNK, SF9, and Pentagon), I decided to listen to a few songs from all of the groups nominated and choose unbiased.

I really enjoyed Gorilla, perhaps a little too much, haha In the comments, however, someone in the comments mentioned their show, so I checked it out and absolutely fell in love with them.

Now, I want to tell you about my story of how I came to bias Shinwon!

The first member that caught my eye was...
E'Dawn! His voice was so different from any other rapper I had ever heard, and it drew me in. However, when I began watching their show, I decided that I had five to narrow it down from *rolls eyes*

It was E'Dawn, Shinwon, YeoOne, YanAn, and Yuto.

After watching their show enough, I was able to drop E'Dawn and YanAn out of the running, but from there I was stumped! Eventually I knocked Shinwon out of the running because he has a phobia of pets, and I adore them, so I figured it wouldn't work out.

For a while, I was torn between Yuto and YeoOne, but somehow, eventually I was leaning towards Yuto. I even learned the Gorilla choreography as Yuto, haha! But then...

Yeo Changgu destroyed my life. I had chosen him as my bias, and for a while, everything was alright. But life was shook.

I requested a Selca Ship with Pentagon, and I got Shinwon as a result...and it got me thinking; "Why didn't I bias him again?"

My close friend Lily talked about how cute we'd be together so much that I just realized that my heart truly lied with Go Shinwon.~ And I'll never go back~

Hahaga! Thanks for sticking around for that one :p I hope you enjoyed, and I'll see you soon!

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I loved your story. Thank you for sharing!