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got a problem. I decided
wanted to dye my hair for my cosplay
I decided
wanted to dye my hair for my cosplay but it
end up the color
wanted. I'm cosplaying Levy Mcgarden from Fairy Tail. My hair turned green after bleaching then putting the dye on. I bought blue hair dye but
get the results
wanted. My hair is now green and
was wondering if anyone has any suggestions to help my problem?
hoping to fix this before July 8th as
am going to Connecticon.
its interesting because depending in your hair color the color you want won't be the end result simply because of what is on the bottle...a friend of mine has given himself orange hair twice now trying to dye it blue... Salons are the best way to go...or make sure you research first what is required to get the desired color for your hair...before just buying a bottle of dye and going for it :)
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Thanks @MattK95 for the advice
i cokor my hair all the time for now just shampoo as much of the hair dye out and get a darker color u dodnt have to bleach ur hair its recommended so that the color is brighter but it usually comes out better and last longer if u dont bleach it. i buy a brand called splat and i think electric blue wud be levys hair color...incase u wanna try again
Thanks. I couldn't find the splat one I wanted but I'll definatly try to get the current color out and redye it cyan or something
Wow, this situation happened in a youtube roleplay i watched like 3 weeks ago. I agree with AimeBolanos. Best thing to do is go to a salon.
Honestly when it comes to dying you hair a color and doing it yourself the only way that would work is if your hair was blonde already and you had bleached it more. My honest suggestion to help fix your problem is if you go to a salon because if you try again at home it will just take even longer if you go to a salon. they can help you get the green out and bleach your hair as much as possible and then you can dye your hair at home again