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Thier broadcast late last night was the cutest thing I had ever seen!
Infinite has been doing their show, "As You Say It" for a while now and this was one of the cutest preshows.
The maknae can't be tamed through out this whole live broadcast
Poor Dongwoo being the older brother and just letting the younger play with him
Even letting him do pig nose.
These two are the definition of brothers from different mothers.
I could sit and watch those two ever day!
I can't wait for their "As You Say It" broadcast!

My precious babies! I love when they all act all cute and brotherly towards one another. Their bond is one of a kind and so adorable!♡~♡
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Exactly! They've even said they're like a family so they always treat each other as brothers and protect and look after one another as such. It's so cute and warms my heart!
They are adorable together. And so sweet. xD
they truly are!
what group is this
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thank you