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LOONA/JinSoul -Singing in the Rain

O'Lee -Korean Food Trip

2max -Pretty

Entropy Blue -SECRET

LEE YOUNG HOON -It's All Because Of You

Apink -FIVE

G.Soul -Tequila


Heize -Don't know you

Heize -You, Clouds, Rain

D.Hong -Stay There

Jong Shin Yoon -Forgetful

Yeonhee Dabang -Morning Coffee

Yeonhee Dabang -Nocturn

Yeonhee Dabang -I Often Have These Days and Nights

Yeonhee Dabang -Acacia

Nam Taehyun x South Club -LIAR

Nam Taehyun x South Club -I Got The Blues

Lee Hae Ri -Love Me

there's a Japanese verison that I will post in the Japanese card

DOPE DAYS -Fetal Movement

NakJoon (Bernard Park) -Blame

Harei -Do you think it will work?

MaseWonder -MOONLIT

MaseWonder -Malibu

Roy Kim x Kim Sun Jae -I'm Gonna Lose You

Crush -Summer Love

Standing Egg -Cuz it's you

Parc Jae Jung -Focus

Stellar -Archangels of the Sephiroth/The Tree of Sephiroth

ELLEVEN -I Wish You Were Unhappy

CLON -Everybody

YunB -산인 (2099)

LambC -Enee Menee Minee Mo

Basick -Real Life

Lee Hyori -Seoul


UP10TION -Runner

Jeon Wooin - Somewhere

G2 -Comfortable

Crush -Outside

Hippy was Gipsy -Cold

Gong Gi Nam x Han Eul -I Like You, Thanks

NC.A x Sugarbowl -Love me

L.A.U -So Sweet

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i follow Bernard on Twitter and i loved his song
6 months ago·Reply
@SimplyAwkward I haven't been on Twitter too much lately but I saw on his Instagram and I love the song too. I think this style really fits him
6 months ago